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Capstone course students compete in Simulation Super Bowl 2022

| McKenna Paulson

On Tuesday, April 26, the Sim Super Bowl competition was held for all students enrolled in MGMT 449: Strategic Management for a Global Business Environment, the senior capstone course for the College of Business (COB). 

A Plus Cameras (with a Game To Date score of 110) won the Spring 2022 Sim Super Bowl of Spring 2022. Team members include Pa Jai Moua, Jacob Ollech, Jordan Quam, Cameron Skroch, and Catherine Trapp.

"GLO-BUS has been very beneficial to our learning in helping us to make use of everything we've learned in our past business courses through an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master simulation; it also taught us about sharing the workload and other team-related skills, as well as how to strategic proactively rather than reactively. Would highly recommend keeping GLO-BUS in the curriculum," shared Jordan Quam. 

Through a simulated experience, student teams manage their own global action camera and drone company and compete head-to-head with other teams (companies) in their industry.

The first simulation competition is between student teams within the same course section (e.g., eight rivals in an industry). The second round, the “Sim Super Bowl” brings together student teams from ALL sections of MGMT 449. 

“GLO-BUS was definitely a simulation that I was nervous for. But thankfully, I had the best teammates who made it such an unforgettable experience!” says Pa Jai Moua. 

To determine the winners of the Sim Super Bowl, Game-to-Date (GTD) scores are compared across industries.

Honorable mentions are given to teams that finished first in their industry. These include the following companies and team members:

Aviator Inc. - GTD score of 107. Team members include Dane Hammer, Edrea Kubista, Braeden Neyens, Robert Valiska, and Tyler Wyldand.

Frame Perfect System – GTD score of 107. Team members include Olivia Berzinski, Katie Klingbeil, Joe Kreis, Zachary Schutz, and Luke Swenson

Bombastic – GTD score of 108. Team members include Megan Glaeser, Dan Huettel, Priyank Patel, Malee Yang, and Brianna Yenter.

C Clear – GTD score of 107. Team members include Dakota Bokath, Parker Clark, Connor Klein, Jack Sagaitis, Evan Tillung, and Pengyi Yang.

Amazons Daddy – GTD score of 109. Team members include Mitch Anderson, Ashley Christ, Logan Herman, Danny Kelly, and Mike Ward.

The ‘Bowl’ has been a tradition of the COB for over 12 years and a unique experience for our senior capstone. MGMT 449 is taught by Dr. Brent Opall, assistant professor of management, and Dr.