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Illinois State University wins 2020 Sales Warm-Up

| Carrie Ottum

College students from 23 schools located throughout the United States competed for cash prizes and the title of top salesperson at the 14th Annual University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up, October 21-23, 2020. The event was held virtually on Zoom. 

The title of Top Salesperson went to Brianna Wilkens, a marketing and professional sales major from Illinois State University. She received a $1,500, a trophy, and a custom suit from Tom James valued at $1,000.  Wilkens was coached by Duleep Delpechitre. 

Adam Stickler, a professional sales student from Kennesaw State University, was named First Runner-Up and received $1,000 and a trophy. Stefan Sleep was the coach of the Kennesaw State University sales team.  

2nd Runner-Up went to Sophia Isham, a business marketing major from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She received $750 and a trophy.  Isham was coached by Jimmy Peltier.  

The Warm-Up wishes to thank all our other sponsors for supporting this year's events. We also wish to acknowledge the contributions of the corporate, university and community volunteers who gave their time and talents to make this event a success. See list below.

The 15th Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up will be held October 14-16, 2021. For more information, contact Dr. Lenita Davis, director, UW-Eau Claire Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up or visit the competition's website

2020 Competitors & Coaches and Volunteers

The highest scoring individual from each participating school, excluding the top overall winners, was named "school champion." Their names are listed in bold below. School champions received a trophy and a $150 cash prize

Aurora University: Shawn Green (faculty coach). Competitors: Jocelyn Fuentes, Luke Perlich, Dora Rodriguez Oseguera. 
Baylor University: Eric Swan (faculty coach). Maddie McKenzie, Rebeka Shols, Garrett Starks. 
California State University-Fullerton: Brad Anderson (faculty coach). Competitors: Charles Frausto, Noah Griffith, Andrew Serrano.
Florida State University: Jessica Thompson (faculty coach), Hannah Kravac (faculty coach). Competitors: Jake Aurand, Carlos Causadias, Ally Carty.
Illinois State University: Duleep Delpechitre (faculty coach). Competitors: Mary Casey, Brianna Wilkens, Tanner Zimmerman.
Kansas State University: Kellie Jackson (faculty coach). Competitors: Hunter Hartner, Landen King, Quin Napier. Student Coach: Lucas Johnson. 
Kennesaw State University: Stefan Sleep (faculty coach). Competitors: Connor Pruitt, Tori Horne, Adam Stickler. 
Louisiana State University: Greg Accardo (faculty coach). Competitors: Abbey Herbert, Victoria Silvani, Megan Tofte. 
Morehouse College: Cassandra Wells (faculty coach). Competitors: Indigo Agee, Jalen Campbell, Cameron Evans, Abraham Smith.
Texas A&M University: Glynna Nickle (faculty coach). Competitors: Kylie Ernst, Bryce Mcdonald, Audrey Valk. 
The University of Texas at Dallas: Jerome Gafford (faculty coach). Competitors: Sydney Fitt, Patricia Palencia Burgos, Daniel Park. 
Tuskegee University: Faye Hall Jackson (faculty coach). Competitors: Donovan Saunders, Jared Tate
University of Central Florida: Bill Steiger (faculty coach). Competitors: Nikolay Boytchev, Jean Lumaine, Bridget Stark.
University of Cincinnati: John Cox (faculty coach). Competitors: Martin Fanta, Bradley Sheeran, Lisa Vorobieva. 
University of Minnesota Duluth: John Kratz (faculty coach). Competitors: Peyton Maas, Kayla Nelson, Chase Sullivan. 
University of Minnesota Twin Cities: Todd Williams (faculty coach). Competitors: Keith Holme, Xiwen Spengler, Rayn St. Clair. 
University of North Alabama: Erin Gillespie (faculty coach). Competitors: Bobbi Bukovac, Emily Evans, Ali Lambert. 
University of South Carolina: Beth Renninger (faculty coach). Competitors: Lindsay Artman, Justin Hauser, Reagan Scoggin. 
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: Jessica Gardner (faculty coach). Competitors: Jenna Baker, Catie Behr, Sydney Kratochwill. 
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: Stacy Trisler (faculty coach). Competitors: Lilly Larsen, Linneea Ryan, Olivia Steingraber
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater: Jimmy Peltier (faculty coach). Competitors: Sophia Isham, Taylor Shaw, Dominika (Dom) Szeliga
Winona State University: Marianne Collins (faculty coach). Competitors: Marissa Block, Stefan Einarson, Mackenzie Grits. 


Michael Becker, Faith Bogstad, Mika Colson, Brewer Doran, Kran Dugar, Bob Erffmeyer, Hannah Erffmeyer, Paige Fisher, Jennine Fox, Jessica Gardner, Bill Hoepner, Gretchen Hutterli, Kate Kim, Kristy Lauver, Kevin Meinholz, Megan Meyer, Kurt Mueller, David Nesvacil, Carrie Ottum, Lauren Steinhoff, Scott Swanson, Tim Vaughan, Jeri Weise, Ryan Wollschlager. 


Adobe: Epiphanie Belanger, Kristine Ream, Matthew Wanezek
Direct Supply: David Biallas, Jill Voss
Echo: Jake Drees, Melisa Godinez, Hank Pender, Elizabeth Rapacz, Geoff Ward, Stephanie Wezelman
Gartner: Sydney Bahr, Shane Milburn, Meghan Sherman, Nora Tighe|
Guardian: Jennifer Menth, Nikon Pascual, Jason Waugh
Hon: Chad Kraklio, Erin Poell, Aaron Timm
HormeL Foods: Kacie Eyler, Chad Flakne, Gabriel Kasak, Ashley Krautkramer, Kurt Mueller, Jenna Williamson
Kunkel & Associates: Kim Budde, Brent Drapeau, Chad Grall, Chad Kunkel, Lauren Minert, Joe Murray, TJ Wagner, Abby Zahorik
Paycom: Erica Biagini, Geno Capezio, Lisa DeCristofaro, Alex Henricks, Josephine Jarecki, Matt Mason, Tiffany Salerno, Kevlyn Somers
Rice Lake Weighing Systems: Tom Guest, Steve Hersman, Jake Nolin
Reynolds American: Mike Hathaway, Jordan Osheroff, John Solfest
Reynolds & Reynolds: Blake Grimm, Liz Gross, Maggie Jackson
Stryker:  Sean Merrick
Tom James Company: Kay Kacheroski, Stephenie Lane, Rob Ringeisen
UNFI: Zachary Bielke, Allison Gephart, Jill Johnson, Logan Misewicz, Jake Neidenfeuhr, Paul Poliachik, Lauren Roberts, Cassandra Schaefer, Gabriella Urban