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STEM Opportunity Fund opens possibilities for underrepresented students

| Elizabeth Glogowski

The STEM Opportunity Fund was created with a focus on advancing equity and representation in STEM fields. It aims to help students who are underrepresented in their STEM fields connect to organizations and resources beyond campus to support their academic careers and provide mentorship and community. Students can apply for financial support through Gold for Blugolds for membership in professional organizations, attendance at conferences, and other opportunities involving professional development in STEM fields. Students who are awarded the funds are expected to reflect on and share their experiences. 

To apply, students can check out the Gold for Blugolds site and search for the STEM Opportunity Fund in the list of applications. You will need to log in to complete the application. You can expect to fill out background information, details about what opportunity you are interested in and estimated expenses, and short answers about:

  1. Why are you applying for this opportunity and how will this benefit your professional development?
  2. How does this professional development opportunity or membership aid in your career development as it relates to your identity?
  3. Do you have ideas of how you might share this with the campus community? (Examples: share what you learned with a student organization, write a short reflection, give a talk at a department seminar or in a course, etc.)
  4. Do you have a faculty or staff member in mind to work with or do you need help in finding a mentor/liaison?

You can find the template needed for itemized expense estimates here