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Plan now for NCUR 2023 on April 13-15, 2023!

The UWEC NCUR logo, featuring the year 2023 and a bridge over water.

UW-Eau Claire will be hosting 4000 college students and faculty members for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research April 12-15, and you won’t want to miss it! You’ll have the chance to interact and network with people from across the country, learn more about research, attend a Futures Fair with employers and graduate schools, see great artistic performances, volunteer with your friends to welcome our visitors, and engage in entertaining activities on campus Thursday evening and downtown on Friday evening. 

Keep watching Canvas and UW-Eau Claire social media @UWeauclaire for #NCUR2023!

Visit the NCUR 2023 website today for important dates, registration and more conference information.

UWEC Campus Participation

We need at least 1,000 helping hands to ensure a successful event.

All faculty, staff and students are needed to support "Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Campus". See how you can make a difference below!

Sign Up Here Sign Up Begins on February 3

UWEC Student Participation

Sign Up Here

There are endless volunteer opportunities for groups, classes, and individuals. These opportunities are broken into four categories: NCUR Fairs/Session, Community Engagement/Excursions, Hospitality and Master Volunteers. Shifts vary in length from one to five hours. 

  • Volunteer Local: Although the listing of volunteer opportunities isn’t live yet, we are hoping to have the Volunteer Local site up and running by the time students return for Spring Semester. This Volunteer Local Link will be the location where the full listing of volunteer opportunities will live. This is the location for faculty and staff to also sign up for available shifts. 
  • Volunteer Training: Once students sign up to volunteer, they will be sent a confirmation email to a NCUR Volunteer Canvas Course (open in March) with directions and short training specific to the tasks they chose. They will complete the training with a quiz. All training must be completed prior to their shifts.  
  • NCUR Service-Learning: Volunteers can earn up to 30 hours of Service-Learning by volunteering for NCUR. All information regarding the process can be found at the UWEC Service-Learning Website by searching NCUR in proposals.  
  • Free T-Shirt: Volunteers will all get a free T-shirt and a badge that must be worn for all shifts. 
  • Attend NCUR for free: Volunteers will also have the opportunity to participate in many parts of the conference with their badge, including research presentations by other UWEC students, campus fun, special sessions, futures fair and the final plenary session with Dr. Tayo Sanders, an Eau Claire Alum.  
  • Chance to win: For every completed shift, volunteers will be entered into a drawing to win prizes!  

Volunteer T-Shirts and badges may be picked up in the Volunteer Headquarters in Phillips 007 during the conference (prior to your shift).

Staff, Faculty and Instructional Staff Participation

Sign Up Here

We are relying on faculty, staff and instructional academic staff to make NCUR2023 a success! All employees will use the same Volunteer Local Link and will take the canvas NCUR Volunteer Training Course. We encourage faculty and AIS to volunteer as session moderators. When not working a shift, everyone working the conference may use their "volunteer" badge to attend all of the conference except food lines and Thursday/Friday Plenary Speakers. 

Encourage Students to Volunteer 

There are endless volunteer opportunities for groups, classes, and individuals. These opportunities are broken into four categories: NCUR Fairs/Session, Community Engagement/Excursions, Hospitality and Master Volunteers. Shifts vary in length from one to five hours. 

Provide Alternate Instruction on April 13-14, 2023 

There will be no face-to-face classes held Thursday and Friday, April 13-14 since classrooms will be in use for NCUR 2023 sessions. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has provided a course you can take to help you develop virtual assignments during NCUR. The course is called Teaching Boost Course-NCUR (virtual) and this self-paced, asynchronous course will take approximately two to four hours to complete and will be open through April 17. Learn more.   

If you require students to attend the conference as part of an assignment, the best way for them to do so is as a volunteer (more information below). Volunteers can use their badge to attend all parts of the conference (except for food lines and Thursday-Friday Plenary Speakers). We want students to attend NCUR 2023 and prefer that they volunteer for a shift (or two) to gain access to the conference. Please encourage your students to volunteer for a few hours for NCUR 2023!  For students unable to volunteer, a number of observer passes (at a 5.00 expense to UWEC) will be made available closer to April. Students may not attend the conference if they are not registered as a presenter, volunteer, or observer. 

Offer Extra Credit for Students to Volunteer at NCUR 2023 

All volunteers must check in and check out at the volunteer headquarters for each shift they work. If you would like to offer extra credit for your students to volunteer for NCUR, we can provide confirmation of their completed shifts. Just send your extra credit assignment and class list to Karen Morris and she will send you the confirmation of completed shifts of your students after the conference. 

Promote NCUR 2023  

We’ve created several NCUR 2023 promotional materials for you to use as you begin your semester and interact with students/organizations: 

Conference Highlights

Student Presentations
Who can attend the student presentations?
Paid Registrants, Volunteers and Observers
  • Poster | Dakota and Ojibwe Ballrooms, Davies Center |220 posters per session   
  • Oral Presentations | Centennial and Schneider Halls|1-hour sessions 
  • Performances and Literary Readings | Haas Fine Arts Center 
  • Visual Arts/Gallery | Foster Gallery in Haas Fine Arts Center 
  • Collaborative Artistic Projects | students collaborate in real-time to produce creative works in visual arts, music, theatre, and literature   
FAN Sessions (Faculty-Administrator Network)
Who can attend the FAN sessions?
Paid Registrants, Volunteers and Observers

Faculty and administrators who accompany their students to NCUR can share experiences and best practices with one another through an embedded professional mini-conference.  Each FAN session is 50 minutes in length and could consist of one of three formats. For more details about FAN Sessions visit the Faculty Programming on the NCUR 2023 Website.  

Plenary Speakers
Who can attend the plenary sessions?
Thursday morning and Friday evening: Paid Registrants Only
Friday afternoon and Saturday morning: Paid Registrants, Volunteers and Observers

We will have four plenary sessions throughout the conference beginning with the opening on Thursday morning and ending with the closing on Saturday morning. 

Activities and Networking Offerings

Who can attend the activities?
Paid Registrants, Volunteers and Observers

Hosting a face-to-face conference (for the first time since 2019) allows us to provide much more networking and engaging activities.  We are taking full advantage of this in-person modality. Follow the links to each of the different offerings.   

Crossing the Bridge: The Music, Art and Culture of Eau Claire

Who can attend Crossing the Bridge?

UWEC invites you to attend our downtown Friday event on April 14 from 5-10 p.m. Venture across the river and explore the thriving arts scene of Downtown Eau Claire. An evening complete with live local and regional music, a myriad of visual art, comedic performances, spoken word poetry, and, of course, plenty of cheese curds. With acts ranging from Hip-Hop to Jazz to Folk to Bluegrass, there’s something for everyone! The event will occur throughout downtown Eau Claire in cherished local institutions like The Plus and Acoustic Café and in several of the newest hotspots such as The Dive and The Metro. In addition to the entertainment venues, the streets will be filled with local musicians and several spots to grab that perfect selfie to commemorate the evening. So take a stroll downtown, investigate local shops, and discover the atmosphere that has made Eau Claire a city of clear water and cool vibes.

Meals and Dining

Paid Registrants will be provided breakfast and lunch, served by Blugold Dining by Sodexo.
Anyone can purchase food from the local food trucks and restaurants on campus.

Thursday Food Trucks
11 a.m.-7 p.m. | UWEC Campus Mall

Friday Food Trucks
11 a.m.-2 p.m. | UWEC Campus Mall
5-10 p.m. | Downtown Eau Claire

Frequently Asked Questions

General NCUR 2023 Information

Question:When is NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) 2023? 
Answer: NCUR 2023 will be held on our campus on April 13-15, 2023, with pre-conferences offered on April 12, 2023. 

Question:How many people will be attending NCUR 2023 
Answer: We anticipate about 4,000 participants for NCUR 2023 (including our own faculty and students).  In addition to the 4000 participants, we will need about 800-1,000 volunteers to help make this conference a success. 

Question: Where are participants coming from? 
Answer: NCUR 2023 is a National Undergraduate Conference with schools from across the nation and some international programs. Because of the ease of travel, we expect more schools from the Midwest region of the country. Still, at past NCURs (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) most states have been represented no matter where the NCUR was located.

Parking during NCUR 2023

Question: If NCUR 2023 is bringing 4000 participants to campus, where are they going to park? 
Answer: NCUR has a long tradition of providing shuttle transportation from hotels to campuses. NCUR 2023 will have this option for some of the participants. We have three shuttle routes servicing 15 hotels. See NCUR 2023 Transportation. But there are still 13 hotels where participants will be housed that do not have shuttles and those participants will need to park on campus. 

Question: Besides NCUR participants, who else needs to park on campus? 
Answer: UWEC has limited parking and we will need to keep the parking lots on campus available for the NCUR participants with parking passes. We also need to find parking for the NCUR Future Fair Vendors, plenary and special session speakers, observers, volunteers, and essential campus employees during NCUR. 

Question: Can I park on campus during NCUR? 
Answer: UWEC issued parking permits (R,S,F,G, etc) will only be valid on upper campus during NCUR 2023. Paid Registrants of NCUR 2023 may purchase a NCUR 2023 parking permit to access lower campus lots. Off-site parking and shuttles will be available for observers, volunteers and UWEC essential employees. More information about parking will be available in March (after the NCUR 2023 registration deadline).  

Presenting at NCUR 2023

Question: I know UWEC is hosting NCUR 2023, but can UWEC students present at this National Conference on Undergraduate Research?  
Answer: YES! In fact, this will be the only campus-level opportunity to present research this academic year. CERCA (Celebration of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity) will not be held in 2023. Make sure you submit your abstract for review by December 7, 2022.

Question: When are abstracts due? 
Answer: Abstract submission closed on December 7, 2022. Important NCUR Dates can be found here. 

Question: Is my research the kind that is being presented at NCUR 2023?  
Answer: Research is being presented from all disciplines across campus AND in various formats. Visit the NCUR 2023 Student Presentation Program Overview for more details.  

Question:The abstract submission form asks for the name of my Campus Coordinator. Who is that?  
Answer: The CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) Campus Coordinator for UWEC is Dr. Erica Benson 

Question: How much does it cost to attend NCUR 2023 
Answer: If your abstract is accepted, UWEC will pay the $210.00 fee for the lead presenter to attend NCUR 2023 and present at the conference. Reach out to Erica Benson in ORSP for information on how to register.

Question: What if I am an additional presenter on an abstract that has been accepted? May I still attend? 
Answer: UWEC will pay the conference registration fee ($210.00) for the lead presenter. We encourage co-presenters to volunteer at the conference. The only conference activities that volunteers will not be able to access are conference meals and Thursday and Friday Plenary Speakers. If you are unable to volunteer reach out to your faculty mentor. 

Question: If I am an additional presenter, do I need to register for the conference? 
Answer: YES! We encourage co-presenters to volunteer at the conference. If you are unable to volunteer reach out to your faculty mentor. 

Question: I know I must show a conference badge to get into all conference activities, where do I get my badge/pass?  
Answer: Conference Badges (participation and observers) may be picked up at the following places and times: 

  • Wednesday, April 12, 2023 | Pablo Center Lobby | 4:30-7:30 pm 
  • Thursday, April 13, 2023 | Centennial Hall 1st Floor | 7-9 am 
  • Thursday, April 13, 2023 - Saturday, April 15, 2023 | 9 am -11 am | NCUR Information Desk | Centennial Hall 1st Floor 
Faculty Mentor Participation in NCUR 2023

Question: If I have students presenting at the conference, may I attend?  
Answer: Yes, we encourage all faculty, AIS and staff to volunteer at the conference. All conference activities are available to volunteer except conference meals and Thursday and Friday Plenary Speakers.

Question: What is the difference between an observer and a volunteer?
Answer: Both an observer and a volunteer will receive a badge that allows them to enter all parts of the conference EXCEPT: Meals, Thursday and Friday plenary speakers, and excursions/pre-conferences. Observer badges cost UWEC $5.00 and are available in limited quantities. A volunteer badge is free but requires the volunteer to work at least 2 hours during the conference. We will have hundreds of opportunities to volunteer. All volunteers must be registered and complete a brief training course before the conference. Call for volunteers coming in January!  

Question: Is there an opportunity for faculty to present at the conference? 
Answer: Yes. Faculty-Administration Networking (FAN) Sessions are offered at NCUR 2023. FAN abstracts were submitted by December 7, 2022. For additional questions contact Erica Benson in ORSP. 

Question: Can my class attend the conference as a class assignment?
Answer: Because we have limited observer badges which cost the University $5.00, we would prefer you require your class to volunteer for the conference.  The volunteer badge allows the same entrance to the conference as the observer badge does. A win/win for all!

Volunteering at NCUR 2023

Question: I read that you need 1000 volunteers to make this conference successful. How do I volunteer?  
Answer: Click Here

Question: Are you looking for faculty, students, and staff to volunteer?  
Answer: Yes. We are looking for faculty, student and even community volunteers. We need faculty volunteers to moderate the student sessions (11 time periods and 50 rooms per time slot). Faculty and/or students are needed for the following areas: information desk/food lines/runners/directional volunteers/Library After Dark/excursions/plenary sessions/and much more. We are looking for community volunteers to help with Friday’s Crossing the Bridge Event.  

Question: Can student organizations volunteer?  
Answer: Yes! We are looking for some student organizations to help with the Futures Fair. Because the fair is revenue-generating (vendors pay to participate), we can donate to the student organizations that staff the Futures Fair, the Transfer Fair and the Fair Prep Zone. Times/Dates of the Fair can be found here. If you want to sign up as a group, you will have that opportunity when we call for volunteers. 

Question: Can students earn Service-Learning for volunteering? 
Answer: Yes! Students can earn either 15 hours or 30 hours toward service learning. Reach out to Service Learning for additional details.

Question: Can volunteers attend the conference when they are not working? 
Answer: Yes! Volunteers will receive a badge that allows them to work and attend all parts of the conference EXCEPT the Pre-Conferences on Wednesday, meals, excursions, and the Thursday and Friday plenary sessions. All volunteers and observers can attend the Saturday plenary session.  

Classes During NCUR 2023

Question: If classrooms are being used for the conference, will UWEC classes meet on Thursday-Friday, April 13-14, 2023?  
Answer: Classes will not meet on campus on Thursday, April 13, 2023, and Friday, April 14, 2023, so that we have space available for NCUR presentations. Faculty are encouraged to incorporate student participation as NCUR volunteers or observers instead of class. CETL (Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) has prepared materials designed to assist faculty in integrating NCUR into their curriculum.

Campus Meals During NCUR 2023

Question: Where will participants in the conference eat? 
Answer: Paid conference participants will use their badges to gain access to the food lines in Davies Marketplace and Hibbard Hall 1st Floor. In addition, participants can purchase food at the food trucks on campus and a few additional venues. See NCUR 2023 Food Options for more details. 

Question: Where do volunteers and observers eat while on campus?  
Answer: Observers may eat at any of the retail food options during their time on campus. Marketplace will not be available. Volunteers may do the same and will also have access to the volunteer headquarters for light snacks.  

Question: If Davies Marketplace is occupied by the NCUR 2023 food lines, where do UWEC students living on campus eat during the conference? 
Answer: All upper campus dining will maintain regular dining hours and UWEC students on campus should use that option. 

NCUR 2023 Contact Information

Phone: 715-836-4636 | Select Option 4



Normal Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 8 AM - 6 PM

Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM

Spring Break Hours

March 20 - 24 | 9 AM - 3 PM


Liability Form

All NCUR 2023 Participants/Observers/Volunteers will read and accept the Liability Release Form prior to receiving their badge/pass.