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Promoting mental health through nature

Nature Rx is about ways in which the natural beauty of our campus and surrounding natural areas can positively impact the mental health and well-being of students, faculty and staff.

What is Nature Rx?

The Nature Rx program is designed to encourage students, staff, and faculty to spend more time in nature and develop a greater appreciation for the natural world. Research shows that regularly spending time in nature reduces stress and increases concentration. As little as 10-15 minutes a day can improve a person’s outlook and increase their immune system function.

UW-Eau Claire’s Nature Rx consists of three components: 

  • An advisory board led by faculty, staff, and student members that spotlights natural places on and near campus
  • A student organization that leads walks and other events designed to enable and encourage students to get out in nature
  • An event calendar that highlights outdoor activities on campus and in the nearby community

As part of our work, we are developing new programming to expand the scope of our campus arboretum in combination with Tree Campus Higher Education.


  • Nature Rx Events Check here for wellness events happening on campus
  • Nature Rx Map Coming soon!

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