The Student Office of Sustainability

UW-Eau Claire's sustainability office. Led by you.

Our Student Office of Sustainability (S.O.S.) is one of nine commissions within our Student Senate. Our general assembly of students meets on a weekly basis to discuss the allocation of “The Green Fund” - a budget of roughly 185,000 dollars in student segregated fees. These funds are allocated to foster sustainability in our campus community through innovation, education, and foundational improvements. Campus community members are invited to submit proposals for consideration by the body requesting funding for initiatives that benefit our students through sustainability.

This graphic is a 3 circle venn diagram. The first circle has text which says

New to the word sustainability? No worries! Our office defines sustainability as the intersection of environmental health, economic prosperity, and social well being.

This means when we look at proposals, we're looking to see that they benefit our students in a "big picture" sense.

Curious why we do what we do? Check out the latest National Climate Assessment.


Director: Lauren Becker 


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