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UW-Eau Claire Counseling Services is a place on campus where you can find someone to talk to when you're feeling hopeless, lonely, depressed, confused, upset over a relationship, or just plain stressed.

When Blugold students find themselves in a time of personal crisis, or have trouble handling the impact of an event or situation on campus, there is a place to go to talk with professionals who can help navigate the waters. Although scheduling an intake is the standard way to get connected to services, crisis and emergency situations are handled as well, through drop-in options during business hours and a crisis hotline for other times. Drop-in workshops are another service that you can access without completing an intake.

Free and confidential

Our services and practitioners are bound by the ethical confidentiality standards of the national psychology and counseling associations, and client status or session information can only be disclosed to a parent or other concerned party by way of a signed release.  If you are a faculty/staff member, parent, or friend of a student who you believe may benefit from our services, please contact us for a consultation with one of our counselors.

It should also be noted that this office is not able to offer any sort of in-person or automated check-in with current or past clients, or non-client students. 

Workshop topics

  • Attacking anxiety and depression
  • Happiness
  • Meditation
  • Social Anxiety
  • Life Skills
  • Mind/Body connection skills

Support groups

  • Gender & Sexuality support group
  • Student of Color support group
Incoming students and/or their family members can find out more about UW-Eau Claire Counseling Services by contacting the director or the office at the information below.
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