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Our Role at the University

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion professionals work to create a campus climate where all students, faculty and staff feel welcome and can thrive. The work of the division includes providing programming and resources to foster a culture of inclusion, supporting the institutional goals of recruiting and retaining under-represented students, faculty, and staff, and advancing the intercultural competencies of the university community.

EDI Programs

Under the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion division, students and staff will find services and programs that provide support, information, assistance, and leadership — bringing equity and inclusion to all campus demographics. We are creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment, increasing the cultural competencies of the university community, and advancing institutional goals of recruiting and retaining students, faculty, and staff. 

Below are the departments and programs in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion division. Each offers something unique in the broad spectrum of campus services and student support. See each site for complete details and contact information.

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