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Diversity and Inclusivity Statement:

UWEC Counseling Services is sensitive and committed to the equity, diversity, and inclusivity of all students. Our missions as well as our ethics require that staff and clients are treated with respect, value, and compassion across all differences. Thus, UWEC Counseling Services' policies and procedures, relationships and interactions with individuals and groups in the campus community are consistent with these values.

UWEC Counseling Services strongly supports all students' success. We strongly realize that for underrepresented students who have the experience of being different from others around them on campus, navigating challenges and reaching graduation day can be more difficult. In UWEC Counseling Services' work with students of color, students with disabilities, first generation college students, international students, as well as LGBTQIA+ students, we are reminded that the campus community needs to continue its efforts to develop resources to make education equally accessible to all people. All of us have a responsibility to make the UWEC community safe and welcoming of all its members.

Why is it important to talk about cultural and diverse backgrounds and mental health?

Student Quote about mental health
Theresa N.

Our cultural backgrounds influence our beliefs, our interactions, our language, how we view the world, how we express ourselves, and our views on mental health. Mental health does not look the same in every culture, which is why it is important for clinicians to be aware of these beliefs and discuss them with their clients. Clinicians may ask about what your cultural identity means to you or how your time on campus has been to better understand your world and your experiences and to be able to work from a more culturally inclusive standpoint.

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