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Made Possible By Our Hewlett Packard Enterprise Agreement

As time goes on, our knowledge of the world and how it works is filled with increasingly vast amounts of information causing calculations to become more complex, simulations taking longer, and data sets increasing to a size where a standard desktop computer is no longer able to keep up. There is where the Blugold Center for High-Performance Computing comes in.

By providing the computing infrastructure necessary for our researchers, our undergraduate students and faculty are able to make new discoveries and insights by taking advantage of machines that are purpose-built to solve the challenges of today.

Our HPE Agreement

On April 26, 2021, a new public-private collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise was announced that dramatically increased UW-Eau Claire's supercomputing processing power. Students and faculty can now engage in more high-performance, data-driven research.

"Not only do UW-Eau Claire’s students gain the chance to conduct research in areas ranging from deep learning and artificial intelligence to data mining and computational number theories, HPE’s leaders and technicians can now pioneer new technologies and receive expert feedback from our talented faculty and staff.” - UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt

Thanks to Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the National Science Foundation, UW-Eau Claire is now the first university in the United States to use HPE’s Apollo servers with the Cray hardware called Slingshot. This investment epitomizes the power of partnerships to drive innovation.

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Learn More About the Blugold Center for High Performance Computing

UW-Eau Claire student Emma Fischer and Dr. Ying Ma, associate professor of materials science

Research + HPC

Currently supporting over 20 research projects across seven different departments at UW-Eau Claire, we've been able to successfully save our researchers time and effort allowing them to make new discoveries earlier than previously possible using just their computers and lab equipment.

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Chemistry teacher teaching class

In The Classroom

Last year over 1,000 students used our computing resources in class. Whether it was direct integration into their daily coursework, used during a final exam, or a presentation on how high-performance computing is used in their field, we support enhancing the learning experience of our students.

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Picture of BOSE supercomputing cluster

Computing Hardware

Available for free to our campus community for any research or classroom computing needs, we have two supercomputing clusters available. Our flagship cluster, BOSE, has 59 nodes with a total of 3,776 CPU cores, while our smaller cluster, BGSC, has 27 nodes with a total of 460 cores. 

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Check Out Our Full Website

Whether you're looking to get started on incorporating high-performance computing into your work, or would like to learn more about how we've been able to support research and classes at UW-Eau Claire, check out our own dedicated website for the Blugold Center for High-Performance Computing. 

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