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Transparent, clear, equitable and accessible

UW-Eau Claire is committed to establishing and maintaining institutional best practices. In support of this commitment to conduct the business of the University and its campus community in a consistent and orderly manner, we work to develop practice directives and procedures to make our administrative processes and practices more effective, and so that procedures are understood by the campus community.

Why is this important?

Policies, practice directives and procedures should be fully documented to communicate to employees the desired outcomes of organizational processes and help employees understand their roles and responsibilities within the organization. These documents set the foundation for the consistent and cost-effective meeting of objectives and ensure expectations are clearly communicated. Having written policies, practice directives and procedures establishes a high degree of understanding, cooperation, efficiency, and unity among employees of the organization and minimizes discrepancies based on individual interpretation. 

In the event of employee turnover, the documents provide clearly set expectations to support continuity of operations. The absence of these documents can lead to a gap in controls and cause an institution to fall out of compliance with laws and Board policy. 

Practice Directive & Procedure Development

Practice directive UWEC 1, Practice Directives and Procedures and procedure UWEC 1.A, Practice Directive & Procedure Development form the basis for understanding the reason for and processes associated with practice directives and procedures in the Division of Finance & Administration.

Approved templates for practice directives and procedures are linked below.

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Approved Practice Directives & Procedures

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Number Name Type Last Revised
1 Practice Directives & Procedures Practice Directive 2022-07-15
  1.A   Practice Directive & Procedure Development Procedure 2022-07-15
  Practice Directive Template Template 2022-07-15
  Procedure Template Template 2022-07-15
13 Contract Signature Authority Practice Directive
  13.A   Requesting and Approving Contract Signature Authority Procedure
14 Contract Management Practice Directive
  14.A   Managing and Storing Contracts Procedure


Children's Nature Academy

Number Name Type Last Revised


Human Resources

Number Name Type Last Revised
210 Educational Assistance for Employees Practice Directive 2023-01-01
  210.A   Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program Procedure 2023-01-01
228 Workplace Wellbeing and Remote Working for Academic & University Staff Practice Directive 2023-01-31
  228.A   Requesting Remote Work Arrangements Procedure 2023-01-31
  228.B   Requesting an Alternative Work Schedule Procedure 2023-01-31
239 Children in the Workplace Practice Directive 2023-03-01
  239.A   Bringing Children to Work Procedure 2023-03-01


University Accounting & Travel

Number Name Type Last Revised
310 Food Purchasing Practice Directive 2022-07-15
  310.A   Food Purchasing Procedure 2022-07-15
311 Clothing Purchases for Employee Use Practice Directive 2022-09-01
  311.A   Clothing Purchases for Employee Use Procedure 2022-09-01
440 Travel and Reimbursement Assistance Practice Directive
  440.A   Requesting Travel and Reimbursement Assistance Procedure
445 Travel Cash Advances Practice Directive
  445.A   Obtaining a Travel Cash Advance Procedure



Number Name Type Last Revised


Risk Management, Safety & Sustainability

Number Name Type Last Revised
620 Working in Isolation Practice Directive 2023-01-26
  620.A   Working Alone Safely Procedure 2023-01-26
625 Youth Protection and Compliance Practice Directive 2023-03-01
  625.A   Protecting Youth Procedure 2023-03-01


University Police

Number Name Type Last Revised


University Centers

Number Name Type Last Revised


Budget & Resource Planning

Number Name Type Last Revised
910 Fiscal Administration Practice Directive 2022-09-01
  910.A   Funding Charter Process Procedure 2022-09-01



Number Name Type Last Revised
1115 Project Evaluation Practice Directive 2023-01-24
  1115.A   Requesting Project Evaluation for a Space Reallocation or Renovation Procedure 2023-01-24
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