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Working Smarter is UW-Eau Claire’s cost savings and revenue generation initiative, designed to propel the university into a new era of financial sustainability and academic excellence.

Committed to maximizing operational efficiency and fostering innovation, this transformative initiative focuses on strategically identifying areas for cost reduction and implementing sustainable revenue-generating strategies, including streamlining administrative processes, optimizing resource allocation, and harnessing untapped revenue streams. With a holistic approach that encompasses the collective efforts of faculty, staff, and students, this program strives to secure a brighter and more prosperous future for our university while upholding our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Through the efforts of leaders, faculty, and staff from across the university, we have already begun identifying and implementing opportunities.

Current Initiatives

Financial Optimization

Leaders in each Division, College and department are working collaboratively to identify one-time and on-going opportunities for expense reductions, cost avoidance and revenue increases.

We will be providing updates and totals soon as we make progress.


Expense Reduction: decreases or eliminates existing expenses; examples include: optimization of administrative processes through automation and streamlining

Cost Avoidance: prevents or mitigates potential expenses that could occur in the future; examples include: preventative maintenance programs, energy-efficient technologies and practices, negotiating favorable contracts, conducting competitive bidding processes, upcycling supplies and FF&E

Revenue Increase: generates new revenue that would not otherwise be realized above planned revenue; examples include: grants, program revenue, sales, advertising, new enrollment, new fees from services and products

Spend Analytics

Workgroups are being formed to work on spend analytics, with a goal of find opportunities for revenue generation, cost savings, cost avoidance and efficiency.

Reports & Results

Final reports are being reviewed and will be available soon!


Information Technology | led by Kent Gerberich, chief information officer and director of LTS

Marketing | led by Rebecca Dienger, chief marketing officer and director of Integrated Marketing and Communications

Office Supplies & Furniture | led by Lily Strehlow, sustainability specialist

Vehicles, Ground Transportation & Energy | led by Brian Drollinger, director of risk management, safety & sustainability

Clothing | led by Roberta Christensen, assistant director of business & finance, University Centers

Meetings & Recordings
Meeting Date Recording
Spend Analytics Kick-off 11/11/22 View

Administrative Transformation Program (ATP)

Over the years, campuses across the UW System have relied on outdated, disconnected technology and supplemental systems to complete vital administrative processes and tasks. This has created security risks, limits our access to reliable data, increases staff burden, and hinders the UW from fulfilling its mission.

The Administrative Transformation Program aims to reverse this trend.

ATP is dedicated to standardizing finance, human resources, and research administration business processes and implementing Workday and Huron Research Suite, integrated, cloud-based technology systems, at all UW System campuses. The end result will be a more resilient administrative environment that advances the UW’s mission of research, teaching, and outreach.

To make this possible, ATP is guided by those who know best: UW’s dedicated faculty and staff. The ATP Team works closely with subject matter experts from all UW System campuses every step of the way, from business process redesign through validation, implementation, and support.

Davies Exterior

Workday Walkthroughs: How to Fund Positions in Workday

Join us on Thursday, September 14, from 3-4 p.m. for our next Workday Walkthrough, where you will see a demonstration of and learn about costing allocation assignments.

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