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Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Sustainability and Climate Action

UW-Eau Claire's 2025 Strategic Plan affirms our commitment to supporting sustainable campuses and climate action. The Division of Finance & Administration has advanced our commitment to the value of stewardship and sustainability by:

  • Adopting the 2021 Sustainability and Climate Action recommendations
  • Establishing the Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Sustainability and Climate Action, and establishing a coordinator for campus sustainability and climate action
  • Working to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

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Chancellor's Committee on Wellbeing

UW-Eau Claire is committed to achieving national distinction in health and human wellbeing. This commitment is included in our 2025 Strategic Plan and supported by numerous initiatives and projects throughout the Division. The Chancellor's Advisory Council on Wellbeing advises the Chancellor and their executive team, communicates with all campus stakeholders and champions UW-Eau Claire’s wellbeing initiatives.

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Compliance, Audit, Risk & Ethics (CARE) Committee

The Compliance, Audit, Risk and Ethics (CARE) Committee was formed in 2022 to systematically share risk and internal control data, information, knowledge and solutions across all UW-Eau Claire colleges and departments and achieve optimal and best practice driven results in support of the University’s mission. The mission of the committee is to collaborate to identify and manage the full range of risks that UW-Eau Claire faces, champion the resultant successful strategies and communicate them to the campus for broader application.

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Control Self-Assessment

Control Self-Assessment (CSA) is a process through which internal control is tested and assessed with the goal of providing a reasonable guarantee that all operational objectives will be attained.

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Putnam Park Commission

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University Safety Committee

UW-Eau Claire is committed to providing a safe teaching, working and social environment for students, employees and visitors on campus. The University Safety Committee provides consultative review of the University safety compliance programs and issues related to environmental health and safety for the purpose of providing a campus-wide safe and healthful workplace.

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