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Where to go and who to call

Along with the caring experts in Services for Students with Disabilities, students can reach out to a wide variety of student service centers and units across campus. Here is a listing of the ones we feel are most important for the students we serve to become aware of.

Admissions (Information & Status)
111 Schofield Hall
Campus Visit (Admissions office) 715-836-5415
Financial Aid Blugold Central - Old Library 1108 715-836-3000
Housing  112 Towers Hall - North 715-836-3674
Blugold Dining Davies Student Center 250 715-836-5261
Academic Skills Center Centennial Hall 2104 715-836-5844
Academic Testing Services (Placement Testing) 715-836-5522
Center for Communication Disorders 715-836-4186
Services for Students with Disabilities Centennial Hall 2106 715-836-5800


Other agencies you may wish to contact prior to admission to a university

ACT Test Administration
P.O. Box 168
Iowa City, IA 52243-0168
(319) 337-1510 (Accommodations with Standard Time)
(319) 337-1851 (Extended Time Testing)
(319) 337-1332 (Unable to test at National Centers)
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
2917 International Lane, Suite 300
Madison, WI 53707-7852
(800) 442-3477
(888) 877-5939 (TTY)
[was Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic]
(for taped textbooks)
20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 452-0606
(800) 221-4792
Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library  
813 W. Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 278-3045
(800) 242-8822
Fax: (414) 286-3102


National Center for College Students with Disabilities

Federally funded national center in the U.S. for college and graduate students with any type of disability, chronic health condition, or mental or emotional illness.

Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring

National organization for and by college students with disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Association of America

As a nationally recognized nonprofit, LDAA works to ensure anyone with a learning disability feels empowered and able to participate fully in their communities.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Visit the Wisconsin chapter.

National Association of the Deaf

The nation’s premier civil rights organization of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the U.S.

National Associate of Blind Student Division

An integral part of the National Federation of the Blind, working to promote the equality of the blind. They serve as a source of information, forum for networking, and vehicle for collective action for blind students.

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