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Frequently Asked Questions

I got married this summer and my last name has changed. How do I make this change on my student records? Do I use the Address Change Form?To top

There is a separate form for name changes that can be picked up at Registration Services in Schofield 128. You will also need to contact the Social Security Office at 836-6645. If you are a current student but are not on campus and would like to request a name change, you can email Barb Thom. Email requests must be sent using your UWEC account and must contain your maiden name, married name, and student ID. If you are a former student or alumni, send your requests to the Alumni Office.

How do I change my Major, Minor, Degree, or Catalogue Year? To top

If you have decided that you would like to change your major, minor, degree, or catalogue year go to the Change of Major/Minor web pages and follow the procedures for the department you're planning to change major/minor to.

I want to change my grading option to S/U. How do I do this? To top

You need to go to Registration Services, Schofield 128 to pick up a Change of Registration Form (also known as the Drop/Add Form). You will need to get a signature from the Associate/Assistant Dean of the college of your major. Please Note: S/U registration MUST be completed by the end of the drop period.

Will changing my grading option to S/U affect my GPA? To top

No. A grade basis of S/U will not be factored into your GPA, therefore has no effect. Although, be aware that a grade of S/U can affect your academic standing. The restrictions for taking a class on an S/U basis are as follows:

  1. A student may have no more than one course on an S/U basis during any term of enrollment,
  2. No more than one course on an S/U basis may be counted toward a student’s major or minor, (no more than 2 toward a comprehensive major),
  3. No more than 12 credits of courses taken on an S/U basis may be counted toward total credits for graduation.
How do I apply for a “What If” Degree Audit? To top

A “What If” Degree Audit will tell you what requirements you would need if you were to make any program changes. Get information on requesting a "What If" Degree Audit.

Can I request Transcripts or Degree Audits online? To top

Yes. Current students can request transcripts (official and unofficial) and degree audits online through MyBlugold Camps.

If you are former student or alumni, you must submit your request in writing. See the Transcripts webpage for further information.

If you have questions, send an email to

How do I find my final exam times? To top

An exam schedule may be found on the Registrar’s Web site.

I graduated last month and haven’t received my diploma yet. When will I get it? To top

Your diploma will be sent to you after grades have been recorded and other graduation requirements have been verified (4-8 weeks after commencement). The normal procedure is to mail it to the “diploma mailing address” which you have previously verified. If you would like to have it sent to a different address, please inform Degree Review, Schofield 128 (836-4271 or 836-2280). If you have any further questions, contact Degree Review.

I just finished a 4 week summer session class. When will my grades be available? To top

For the summer session classes, instructors are not required to submit grades until after the full session is completed. This means that if you have taken a 4-week class in the beginning of the summer, your grades may not be submitted until after the final sessions are completed. While most instructors do submit grades right after a class is completed, it is not a requirement. If your instructor has submitted your grade, it will be available on MyBlugold. Please Note: Grades will not be available on an official transcript until after the summer term is completed.

How do I find out if a class I am going to take at another university will transfer to UW-Eau Claire? To top

The UW-System offers an electronic Transfer Information System that serves as an extremely helpful guide for students who have transferred or are planning to transfer in the future. At this site, you can run a quick and simple search for a class from one University or Technical College in Wisconsin and compare it to courses at another. If a class is transferable, the course equivalent at another college will show up.

If the course you will be taking is through a school that is not in the UW-System then you can used the Transfer Credit Information search provided by the UW-Eau Claire Registrar's office.

I am transferring to UWEC from UW-River Falls. What is your admissions process? To top

Questions regarding admission to the University should be sent to the Admissions Office. They will be able to answer any questions and give you information on forms to be filled out, etc.

I left UWEC two years ago in poor standing. I would like to start school again, but am unsure of how to go about being re-admitted. What do I need to do? To top

Questions regarding admission to the University should be sent to the Admissions Office. They will be able to answer any questions and give you information on forms to be filled out, etc.

I will be going to UW-Eau Claire in the fall, but I am a Minnesota resident. How do I apply for Wisconsin/Minnesota reciprocity? To top

The current reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and Wisconsin enables a Minnesota resident to attend Wisconsin public institutions of higher education at rates approximating tuition prevailing in the Minnesota State University System. Those wishing to take advantage of this tuition remission must apply well in advance of their initial enrollment at a Wisconsin System institution. Approval covers the full year (including summer sessions) and is automatically renewed each year for the campus initially approved. You may apply at Online Tuition Reciprocity Application or if you have additional questions about reciprocity, contact the Minnesota Office of Higher Education at (800) 657-3866 or see the website.

I’m registered for an online course next semester but am not sure how to get started. Where can I find this information? To top

UW-Eau Claire offers a lot of information on Online Courses. Visit to find the answers to all your questions about taking a course online.

I just started at UW-Eau Claire and don’t have an email address. How do I get one? Can I change my password? To top

If you are a new student and haven’t yet received your email address, contact the Registrar’s Office in Schofield 128. Your password consists of UWEC in all caps, followed by your 4 digit PIN number. If you would like to change your PIN number, you can do this on MyBlugold. If you have forgotten your PIN number, go to the Registrar’s Office with your photo identification card.

I’m registered for an online course next semester but am not sure how to get started. Where can I find this information? To top

UW-Eau Claire offers a lot of information on Online Courses. Visit to find the answers to all your questions about taking a course online.

Do I need to pay tuition/fees if I withdraw from the University? Or, if I've already paid, will I get a refund? To top

If you decide to withdraw from the University, your eligibility for a refund of tuition depends on when you withdraw during the term. If you withdraw before the term begins, you will be eligible for a full refund. On the other hand, if you wait until classes are already in session, you may not be eligible for any refund. Refund information is available on the Bursar's Office website: Refund Schedule / Financial Aid Repayment Notice. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please contact the Bursar's Office in Schofield 110, 715-836-4817.

Note:If you withdraw from the University before 60% of the term is over and you have received financial aid, you may be responsible for a repayment of your financial aid. Contact the Bursar's Office or the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

Visit the Withdrawfrom the University webpage for complete information on the process.

How can I obtain enrollment or degree verification from the University for my employer or insurance company? To top

The Registrar’s Office now goes through National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for enrollment and degree verifications intended for agencies such as your employer or insurance company. You can contact NSC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging on to their web site at If you are a student you may also contact the Registrar’s Office in person or by fax to acquire these verifications. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 836-3839.

What are the criteria for Academic Distinction? To top

The Academic Distinction Lists are processed through the Provost’s Office. Requirements for eligibility differ slightly for full time and part time students. 

If you are a full time student, eligibility for Academic Distinction requires that you must:

  1. Be in good academic standing;
  2. Be an undergraduate student;
  3. Have completed 12 or more credits during the semester;
  4. Have a semester and resident GPA of 3.20 or higher.

If you are a part time student, eligibility for Academic Distinction requires that you must:

  1. Register for part time credits (6-11 enrolled credits);
  2. Be in good academic standing;
  3. Be an undergraduate student;
  4. Have completed 6-11 credits during the semester;
  5. Have a semester and resident GPA of 3.20 or higher.


What are the criteria for the Dean’s List? To top

While the criteria for the Dean’s List are the same throughout each college, a separate list is compiled within each college. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must:

  1. Be in good academic standing;
  2. Have a minimum semester GPA of 3.70;
  3. Have completed at least 12 credits during the semester, with no incompletes, no courses below the 100-level, no repeats, and no Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory registrations (except in degree credit-bearing courses that are offered only on the S/U grading system in which a grade of S has been earned).

If you have met all of these criteria, you will be personally notified by letter from the Dean of your college. If you have further questions, contact the Dean’s office of your college.

My son/daughter made the Dean’s List and I would like this information published in our local newspaper. How do I do this? To top

If a student is placed on the Dean’s List or Academic Distinction, the University News Bureau will be contacted. The city or town listed under your hometown newspaper city & zip code will be used to locate information on what local newspapers should be notified. This information is initially taken from your permanent address, but each term you are emailed a reminder about updating this if you wish it to be changed. If a student has any restrictions on this information, it is likely that the information will not be sent out. If you have any questions, contact the University News Bureau in Schofield 201 at 715/836-4741, or at

What is the Excess Credit Surcharge all about? To top

Starting in the fall of 2004, Wisconsin resident undergraduate students who have earned 165 credits (or 30 credits more than required for their degree programs, whichever is greater) will be charged a surcharge, equal to 100 percent of the regular resident tuition (e.g. , tuition would double) on all credits beyond that level. For more information go to the Excess Credit Surcharge web page.

Where can I find information about Graduation? To top

General information about applying for Graduation, graduation requirements, caps & gowns, and ceremonies, etc. can be found on the Student Services web page.