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Learn How to Withdraw

While attending UW-Eau Claire, circumstances may arise that require a student to withdraw from the University. If you are considering dropping/withdrawing from ALL of your courses (regardless of how many courses) after the term begins, you are considered to be "withdrawing" from the University.

This procedure is not to be confused with dropping/withdrawing from a single course or several courses. After the term begins, student CANNOT withdraw from the University by attempting to drop/withdraw from all of their classes online. MyBlugold CampS will not allow a student to drop/withdraw from their classes online.

The withdrawal process differs slightly depending on the term.  Please select a semester or session in which you intend to withdraw:

  • Fall + Spring Withdrawing from Fall or Spring semesters
  • Winter Sessions Withdrawing from Winterim Session
  • Summer Sessions Withdrawing from Summer Session
  • Learn more about our medical and non-medical withdrawal policy

    Repayment of Financial Aid if you Withdraw

    If you withdraw from the University before 60 percent of the semester has been completed, the University is required to determine the amount of your federal and state financial aid (other than work-study) that must be returned. The amount of aid you may keep when you withdraw is in direct proportion to the length of time you remained enrolled during the semester. You may owe a repayment of your financial aid even though you are not eligible for a refund of your tuition. The University will notify you of the dollar amount owed.

    Actual, individualized calculations of required repayment will be done at Blugold Central.


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