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The signature campus celebrations

We bring celebrations to campus! Join the UAC Festivals Committee and help to plan, organize and publicize the campuswide festivals that bring people together. Make Homecoming, Winter Carnival and Springfest memorable events by planning new and engaging activities and improving on our traditions. Join us for the fun!

Find details and event calendars for each of the three main festivals below:

Homecoming Parade, Blu on a motorcycle

Homecoming: Celebrate Blugold Pride

Whether you are a first-year student eager to be initiated into the Blugold Homecoming experience, or a long-ago graduate happy to wear alumni status with pride, check out the lineup of events and activities for this year's favorite gathering of Blugolds.

Celebrating UWEC
Sled dogs by residence halls for Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival

Blugolds know how to make the best of any situation, including the cold long winters in Wisconsin. Just when you thought spring couldn't come fast enough, make way for Winter Carnival!

Winter fun
Male student tossing bags for bean bag game on campus mall, spring


Everyone needs a little boost to get through the last few weeks of Spring semester, and UAC has just the ticket--Springfest! Join all the fun for a few days and relax about finals. It will work out, so take a little time to relax.

Springfest details
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