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Service-Learning is an opportunity for students at UW-Eau Claire to give back to their local or home community or even a community found abroad. It provides a way to learn skills, investigate careers, and build a personal network. Service-Learning makes education a collaborative effort; students benefit society by exercising the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Completing 30 hours of Service-Learning is a requirement for graduation from UW-Eau Claire.

To locate available projects and the Service-Learning App:

Login to the Service-Learning App

Video Tutorials

What is Service-Learning?

Searching for a Project Proposal

Filling Out a Proposal Application

Filling Out an Independent Application

Quick Service-Learning Questions?

How do I know the status of my project?
  1. Go to: and Login 
  2. Click on "My Projects"
  3. View Status
How do I find available projects?
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "Proposals" or "Home"
  3. Tiles of different proposals show up. You can filter to sort them out to find projects that interests you!

If you'd like to view a video, please go to this link:  Choosing a Service-Learning Project Through a Proposal


How do I fill out a project application?
  1. Go to:
  2. Login using your UWEC username and password
  3. Because there are different ways to fill out a project, here are details instructions: Fill out project application
How do I complete my post survey?
  1. You will receive an automated email asking you to complete your post survey
  2. Go to: and Login
  3. Go to your project, by clicking "My projects"
  4. Click on "Complete post survey" button

*Please note: "complete project evaluation" is a message for your supervisor

Will this count for service-learning?

You can customize your own service-learning project! Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Basic rule of thumb is working for non-profits. This includes Faith based organizations, schools, governmental entities, and anyone with a non-profit tax status.
  2. You can do your service-learning for a for-profit, but you cannot help them make money
  3. It is best to talk with the service-learning coordinator (insert link to schedule an appointment) about service if you have questions.
  4. To get started on your customized service-learning project, follow the instructions of this video.

Additional Questions?

Please visit our FAQ page for help with the Service-Learning application: Service-learning FAQ

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