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Providing Safety for Campus

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Police are committed to providing quality law enforcement services to students, faculty, staff and visitors. We are proud of our long tradition of working in partnership with members of our on and off-campus community and by joining together with federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies to understand and address the challenges we face. Our website provides access to information about our department, resources and services we provide.

Contact Information

The UW-Eau Claire Police Department provides 24/7 police services to the campus community.   

Emergencies - 911

Non-emergencies - 715-839-4972

Administrative - 715-836-2222

Fax - 715-718-3542

Our main office is located in Crest Wellness Center, 630 Hilltop Circle, Eau Claire, WI 54701. For records requests during times our main office is closed, please call 715-836-2222 and leave a message.

  • Annual Reports Annual Security Report & Annual Fire Safety Report
  • Emergency Guide
  • Campus Security Authority Reporting Form
  • Bias/Hate Incident Reporting Form
  • Tips For Interacting With Police
  • Policy and Procedure

    All UW-Eau Claire Police Department Policy and Procedure documents are available to the public.  To obtain copies, please contact our main office at 715-836-2222 or send a request by email to

    Policy  Procedure
    AED Usage Absolute Sobriety Arrest
    Body Armor Alcohol Incapacitation
    Body Worn Camera Animal Cases
    Citizen Complaint Anonymous Tip Line
    Crash Investigations Involving Department Vehicles Bike Patrol
    Domestic Abuse Bomb Threat
    Electronic Recording of Custodial Interviews Bond Posting
    Emergency Vehicle Operation - Pursuit Car Lock Out
    Evidence and Property Court
    Eyewitness Identification Dangerous Weapon Storage
    Jurisdiction and Assisting Other Agencies DNA Collection at Arrest
    Narcan Nasal Spray Use Elevator Malfunction
    Open Records EMS - Fire Calls
    Professional Appearance Standards Faraday Bag
    Profiling Bias Based Policing Hazardous Materials
    Strip Search Mental Health Commitment - Chapter 51
    Time System Use Motor Vehicle Crash Investigations
    Trespass to Dwelling OMVWI Arrest
    Use of Force Phone Calls - Annoying/Threatening
    Wellness and Peer Support Police Radio Use
    Push Bumper
    Ride Along Program
    Shift Change
    Towing of Vehicles
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