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Supporting Tenure-track Faculty in Research

The goals of this program are to support tenure-track faculty as they develop, enhance their scholarship in preparation for tenure consideration, and encourage them to do so in collaboration with students. The intention is to provide a meaningful scholarly experience for students, and facilitate scholarly dissemination through professional presentations and/or peer-reviewed publication, that advances the faculty member's career.


A UW-Eau Claire tenure-track faculty member may propose a project that involves at least one student researcher.  The project may be new or may already be in progress.  Funds are available to provide a student scholarship of up to $2000 and to support reassigned faculty instructional time for the equivalent of one 3-credit course during the academic year. Summer or Winterim salary may be an alternative, but projects with reassigned time will receive preference.


  • UW-Eau Claire faculty member on tenure track
  • Student researcher identified or qualifications for student researcher established

Deadline for Application: to ORSP January 9, 2023

 Please submit via email to with the subject line Tenure Track Time Reassignment

Application Process/Writing Guide:

Submit a proposal to  This should include:

  • Narrative (3-4 pages)
    • Description of the research project goal(s), context and significance, and plan, including roles of each member of the collaborating team
    • Timeline
    • Plan for mentoring the student researcher
    • Plan for dissemination of results
  • Professional vita

Please ask your chair to submit an email indicating support for the project and how it benefits your progress towards tenure. This message should also include a plan for covering courses and expected costs.


2021-2022 Award Winner

“Ends of Culture: Transmutations of Belonging in Hmong America”

Faculty: Dr. Kong Pheng Pha, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Student collaborator: Paji Lily Yang

2020-2021 Award Winners

Evaluating the Use of Disability Simulation in Fluency Disorders Courses” 

Faculty: Dr. Bryan Brown, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Student collaborators: Bailey Harding

“Effect of Embryonic Lead Exposure on Social Behavior Development in Zebrafish Larvae”

Faculty: Dr. Bradley Carter, Biology

Student collaborators: Brianna Hameister

“Toward a Mechanistic Understanding of Life History and Hybridization Using Experiments in Sunflowers”

Faculty: Dr. Nora Mitchell, Biology

Student collaborators: Thu Nguyen 

“Prevention of Family Member Exposure to Antineoplastic Drugs in the Home Setting – Phase 2” 

Faculty: Dr. Dalete Mota, Nursing and Health Sciences

Student Collaborator: Jordan Crary 

“The Game of Cycles” 

Faculty: Dr. Shanise Walker, Mathematics 

Student collaborators: Jonah Amundsen & Heather Baranek 

2019-2020 Award Winner

“Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices for People with Acute Aphasia”

Faculty: Dr. Thomas Sather, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Student Collaborator: Madelyn Borner 



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