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Supporting Tenure-track Faculty in Research

The goals of this program are to support tenure-track faculty as they develop, enhance their scholarship in preparation for tenure consideration, and encourage them to do so in collaboration with students. The intention is to provide a meaningful scholarly experience for students, and facilitate scholarly dissemination through professional presentations and/or peer-reviewed publication, that advances the faculty member's career.


A UW-Eau Claire tenure-track faculty member may propose a project that involves at least one student researcher.  The project may be new or may already be in progress.  Funds are available to provide a student scholarship of up to $2000 and to support reassigned faculty instructional time for the equivalent of one 3-credit course during the academic year or a $5000 summer stipend. Projects with reassigned time will receive preference.


UW-Eau Claire faculty who are on tenure track at the time of application and during the award period (i.e., the following year) are invited to apply.

The student researcher may be identified at the time of application or at a later date with the qualifications for the student researcher detailed in the application. 


Deadline for Application: January 12, 2024

 Applicants are encouraged to discuss with their chair/program director prior to applying. 

Application Process/Writing Guide:

The Vicki Lord Larson and James R. Larson Tenure-track Reassignment Collaborative Research Grant application is processed in BP Logix. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system. Go to the eForm for additional information.

Apply Here 

The review committee uses these criteria to rank and recommend proposals for funding.

Recently Awarded Projects

2022-2023 Award Winners 

"How the Pandemic Has Changed Capital Markets: Evidence from SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)"

Faculty: Dr. Hyoseok Hwang, Accounting and Finance 

Student collaborator: Michael Krueger

“How First-Year Writing Instructors Use Peer-Response in Their Courses and Seeks to Understand Why the Practice Persists Despite Uneven Outcomes, and How to Improve the Experience for Students and Instructors”

Faculty: Dr. Kaia Simon, English

Student collaborator: Sophia Curran-Moore

2021-2022 Award Winners

“Ends of Culture: Transmutations of Belonging in Hmong America”

Faculty: Dr. Kong Pheng Pha, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Student collaborator: Paji Lily Yang

2020-2021 Award Winners

Evaluating the Use of Disability Simulation in Fluency Disorders Courses” 

Faculty: Dr. Bryan Brown, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Student collaborator: Bailey Harding

“Effect of Embryonic Lead Exposure on Social Behavior Development in Zebrafish Larvae”

Faculty: Dr. Bradley Carter, Biology

Student collaborator: Brianna Hameister

“Toward a Mechanistic Understanding of Life History and Hybridization Using Experiments in Sunflowers”

Faculty: Dr. Nora Mitchell, Biology

Student collaborator: Thu Nguyen 

“Prevention of Family Member Exposure to Antineoplastic Drugs in the Home Setting – Phase 2” 

Faculty: Dr. Dalete Mota, Nursing and Health Sciences

Student Collaborator: Jordan Crary 

“The Game of Cycles” 

Faculty: Dr. Shanise Walker, Mathematics 

Student collaborators: Jonah Amundsen & Heather Baranek 


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