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UW-Eau Claire - Mayo Clinic Research

Research Collaboration Agreement

Mayo Clinic and UW-Eau Claire entered into an agreement to work together on research projects that advance patient health outcomes and provide clinicians, faculty and students with research opportunities. Funds for this collaboration are overseen by the Research Innovation Council, comprised equally of UW-Eau Claire and Mayo Clinic personnel.


Mayo Clinic/UW- Eau Claire partners may apply for support for a research project that will, in the short-term or long-term, advance patient health outcomes.  Applicants may request support as needed to accomplish the project.


UW-Eau Claire faculty or staff in collaboration with a Mayo Clinic partner are eligible to apply.  Student researcher collaboration is encouraged.

Writing Guide

The application form for this program is a Research Project Outline (RPO) and a budget.  Follow the instructions on the RPO to write the application, and include the budget in the Budget Spreadsheet. The evaluation criteria used by the Council are linked here.  

Applicants are encouraged to consult the RPO FAQ 2019 and to seek input on their application from UW-Eau Claire applicants are encouraged to consult with ORSP for advice on budgeting and other matters, and must share their RPO and budget with ORSP for review and routing to secure institutional approvals.  


Deadline for Application

The Research Innovation Council meets monthly and projects will be reviewed at the next Council meeting with room on the agenda once the RPO is submitted. 


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