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Faculty/Academic Staff Research + Creative Activity Support

The UW-Eau Claire University Research and Creative Activity Grant Program (URCA) is specifically designed to encourage faculty and academic staff to engage in research, scholarship, and creative activities.


  1. Project Support: Funds required for working with data, primary materials, research travel, supplies, services, and student research collaboration. Project support normally ranges from $500 to $3,000, which is the maximum award. Travel to professional meetings is not funded under this program.
  2. Time Reassignment: Release from one course (up to 5 cr) may be requested to conduct the scholarly project. Departments will be reimbursed $1,250/credit for reassignment and provided with appropriate FTE.

While outcomes vary by discipline, project, and type of support, an historical analysis reveals that two-thirds of grantees publish a journal article or book manuscript within 24 months of receiving an URCA award.


Faculty and academic staff with .5 FTE or greater appointment are eligible to apply. Those with approved upcoming sabbatical leaves may apply for support through this program. No faculty or academic staff will receive URCA support for two consecutive years. 

Deadline for Application: January 9, 2023, to Chair or equivalent

Application Process/Writing Guide:

These proposals are reviewed by peer faculty members who are unlikely to be in your discipline. You should be mindful of the reviewing audience as you communicate the key elements of your scholarly project. In particular, please avoid technical jargon that is specific to your discipline. If such terminology is necessary, please define all terms. This will allow reviewers to evaluate the project fairly in terms of goals, significance, importance to the scholarly trajectory of the proposer, feasibility, and need for URCA funding to accomplish the project.

The University Research and Creative Activity (URCA) grant application is processed in BP Logix and must be initiated by a faculty member. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system.

The application has six key sections:

  • Abstract: paste or type a brief description of your proposal in the provided textbox.
  • Narrative: please attach a PDF or Word document. It should be no more than 6 double-spaced pages, with page numbers, and address:

Purpose and objectives

    • Framework and significance of the proposed project and its contribution to the state of knowledge in the field
    • Project description including its background, purpose/objectives, methods, and procedures to be used
    • Timeline
    • Plan for disseminating results
    • Potential for publication, presentation, performance, exhibition, or grant proposal to an external agency
    • Budget justification and potential for extramural support
    • Justification for time release (if applicable)
    • Bibliography or list of appropriately cited literature (this portion is outside of the six-page limit)
  • Professional vita: not to exceed four pages
  • Letter of endorsement: you may attach several of letters of support. A letter of support from your department chair is encouraged but not required. Your chair may wish to attach his/her letter when the from is routed to him/her. Other letters of support may also be included as appropriate to the project.
  • Budget: all expenses must be explained and clearly related to the proposed project. These may include:
    • Mileage/Air Fare
    • Room/Lodging
    • Meal Costs
    • Tuition/Registration
    • Supplies
    • Consultant
    • Student Stipend: Suggested wage rates for student researchers for beginning undergraduate researchers is up to $10.00/hr; more advanced researchers can be paid more, to the faculty mentor's discretion. During the academic year it is reasonable for students to work 5 to 8 hours per week, i.e., 75 to 120 hours per semester; more work during Winterim and Interim is possible, but must be specified in the budget explanation
    • Outside or additional sources of funding
  • Routing: select the names of the individuals in the routing order area at the bottom using the user-chooser. This must be done prior to submitting the application to ensure that those in the routing process have access to the form to approve it. 

The URCA review committee uses these evaluation criteria to rank and recommend proposals for funding.

Apply Here

Final Report:

The final report on the URCA grant should be 2-4 pages long. It should review the goals outlined in the proposal and then describe the accomplishments, describing reasons for any changes in direction or scope. The report should be submitted to the chair with copies to the appropriate college dean and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs by October 15 following the grant period.

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