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The Visiting Minority Scholars + Artists Program

Purpose and Overview

The Visiting Minority Scholars and Artists program brings distinguished scholars, artists, speakers, and other experts to campus to address topics related to equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Visitors are expected to interact broadly with students, faculty and staff, and the broader community.

This program originates in the Affirmative Action and Provost’s offices.Award amounts take into account attributes such as number and breadth of activities the visitor is involved in during the visit, amount of matching contributions, cost of visitor travel, and consultant fee the visitor typically commands. Awards are typically limited to $1000/person, and food for a reception is not an allowable cost.


All University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty and staff may propose to fund visits through this program. Departments, units, and colleges are expected to contribute support to the cost of the visit, but no specific dollar cost-share amount is required.

Application Process

The Visiting Minority Scholars and Artists application is processed in BP Logix and can be initiated by faculty and staff. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system.

The application has 4 sections:

  • Basic Information: including title, event dates, collaborators, and abstract (brief summary) of the project.
  • Documents include:
    • Narrative :
      • Introduce the visitor (the visitor is not required to be a member of a "minority" group).
      • Provide information on the activities and events planned for the visitor.
      • Explain how the visit addresses the topics of equity, diversity and/or inclusivity.
      • Explain how the visiting scholar or artist will interact with students, faculty, and staff.
      • Describe how the visit will benefit the campus, college, department/unit, and community. 
      • Describe the plan for publicizing the event.
      • List awards from this program during the past three years.
  • Supporting Documentation may include a schedule, program, promotional materials, or any additional documents as appropriate. Please explain supporting documents in the narrative.
  • Budget: all expenses must be explained and clearly related to the proposed project. These may include:
    • Mileage/Air Fare
    • Room/Lodging
    • Meal Costs
    • Supplies
    • Outside or additional sources of funding
  • Routing: please fill in your department chair/unit director and dean/equivalent to ensure the application is reviewed by them.

Deadline for Application

Submit your proposal to the dean (or equivalent) by the first working day of each month. Proposals may take up to six weeks for processing and review. If an opportunity arises that requires funding prior to the next review cycle, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 836-3405 or to discuss options available.

Previous Awarded Projects

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