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Extramural grant proposal support

This program is designed to provide financial support to individuals or departments for the purpose of writing extramural grant proposals for submission to agencies outside of the University of Wisconsin System. Proposals must address a significant departmental, college, university, or UW System priority. Inter-departmental/unit collaborations are encouraged. This program is not intended to support preliminary research or activities in preparation for grant seeking. See the Small Research Grant program for that purpose. 


This program will provide one award of up to $5,000. Recipients may use funding for faculty/staff stipends, travel, supplies, and services any time during the fiscal year (July to June). This grant carries the expectation that at least one completed proposal will be submitted to the appropriate external funding agency by the end of the fiscal year of receiving the Extramural Grant Development award.


Faculty and academic staff with 1.0 FTE appointment are eligible to apply. 

Deadline for Application: March 1

*If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date will be extended to the following Monday.

Application Process/Writing Guide:

The Extramural Grant Development application is processed in BP Logix. To locate the eform, click the link below. Sign in using your UWEC credentials. Navigate to the 'Start New Form' tab at the top and select 'ORSP' as the department. Select 'Extramural Grant Development' to initiate the eform. Please visit the Using eForms and BPLogix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system. Go to the eform application for additional application information. 

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