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Extramural grant proposal support

This program is designed to provide financial support to departments for the purpose of developing extramural grant proposals for submission to agencies outside of the University of Wisconsin System that address a significant university, college or departmental priority. Inter-departmental/unit collaborations are encouraged.


This program will provide one award of $5,000. Departments will have flexibility to use funding for faculty/staff stipends, student support, travel, supplies, and services any time during the fiscal year (July 2020 to June 2021). This grant carries the expectation that at least one completed proposal will be forwarded to the appropriate funding agency no later than the first review cycle following the completion of the Extramural Grant Development-Departments award.


Department chairs and unit directors are eligible to apply. One application may be submitted for an individual department or unit; collaborative proposals among departments and units will not count toward this limit.

Deadline for Application: March 15, 2023 to ORSP

Application Process/Writing Guide:

The Extramural Grant Development application is processed in BP Logix. Please visit the Using eForms and BPLogix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system.

The proposal consists of:

  • Extramural Grant Development form
  • Attach a narrative (2-4 pages) to the BP Logix form addressing each of the following:
    • Objectives of the project (or projects if more than one proposal is planned) for which funding is sought
    • Alignment with institutional/college/department priorities; expected benefits
    • Plan and timeline for proposal development and submission. 
    • Funding potential of the proposed project/alignment with funding agency's goals
  • A Budget: detail how you would expect to spend the funds in support of grant-writer(s) and department goals.

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