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Research collaboration with Mayo Clinic

The UW-Eau Claire-Mayo Clinic collaboration for biomedical research and innovation has prioritized funding to support a wide range of projects with the goal of improving the patient experience within the healthcare delivery system.

These projects are not restricted to any specific area of study but are broadly defined to include research and quality improvement projects or collaborative efforts leading to the long-term goal of implementing clinical trials. Decreasing the time from idea incubation to clinical impact is a critical consideration, with the goal of intentionally shortening this time by collaborative efforts between Mayo Clinic and UW-Eau Claire with the full engagement of student researchers.


Innovation grant funds are available to support:

  • A 3-credit course reassignment during the fall or spring term (at $5,000 for a 3-credit course) or a $5,000 summer stipend for up to two years per Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholar actively conducting research in the mentor's group.
  • Up to $600 per year of additional funds for supplies, services, and research-related travel. Requests exceeding this maximum must be clearly justified in the proposal.

 *Student wages are not eligible expenses; the Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholarship is intended to support each student’s research experience.

Faculty may use project time to conceptualize, plan, design, and execute any areas of interest that align with biomedical innovation. Projects can be aligned with drug development, biomarker discovery/laboratory tests, 3-D printing, software or hardware solutions for home monitoring, patient education/training/communication, or any other area of healthcare innovation.


UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff are encouraged to propose a project of up to two years in duration that has the potential to align with a team at Mayo Clinic- Eau Claire. The project can be on a new or existing area of research. The intent is for each biomedical research project to engage at least one high achieving student who will be separately supported by a Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholarship. The Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholar can be incorporated into a current research team.

Deadline for Application:

Proposals for projects to begin in the next academic year are due on March 6, 2023. Faculty are expected to participate in the interviewing and selection of the Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholarship recipients for the next academic year.


Application Process/Writing Guide:

The Biomedical Innovation Grant-Mayo Grant Collaborative Research application can be processed in BP Logix. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system, and please also see General Proposal Guidelines.

The application has four primary sections:

  • Initiator Information: Information is auto-filled with initiator information when the form is started.
  • Collaborator Information: Select Collaborator type and enter the necessary information if the collaborator is not a UWEC employee. 
  • Project Information: This includes the project title, project funding dates, time reassignment inquiry, and a 3-5 sentence abstract that can be understood by an incoming undergraduate student. 
  • Attachments For New Biomedical Innovation Projects: (should include the following information)
    • Narrative (3-4 pages)
      • Description of the research project outcomes and goals, context and significance, methods and plan, and role of each collaborator 
      • Plan for disseminating results
      • Timeline
      • Plan for mentoring student researcher
      • Name of Mayo collaborator and evidence of interest/participation in the collaborative project
    • Professional vitae (max. 4 pages, with page numbers)
  • Attachments For Ongoing Biomedical Innovation Projects: 
    • Narrative (1-2 pages)
      • Update previous project narrative (e.g. description and timeline) for new student 
  • Budget: Applicants must clearly explain and justify all requested expenses in the budget explanation section of the form.
    • Travel/Registration/Supplies/Consultant Expense: please indicate how cost totals are calculated.
  • Routing Order

Apply Here

Intellectual Property:

UW-Eau Claire has designated WiSys for the management and commercialization of intellectual property developed under the Mayo Clinic/UW-Eau Claire collaboration. Therefore, all Project Intellectual Property* from Mayo Clinic/UW-Eau Claire joint projects must be disclosed and assigned to WiSys.

*Project Intellectual Property generally means all inventions, copyrightable material, trade secrets, data, computer software/apps, materials, know-how, and any other type of intellectual property conceived, reduced to practice, created, or made in the performance of projects funded.

For projects funded through the Mayo Clinic/UW-Eau Claire collaboration, a WiSys Regional Associate and/or other staff will assist faculty, staff, and students with preparing disclosures and assuring compliance with Award Terms & Conditions.*

*Per WiSys’ Revenue Share Policy, Inventors are entitled to 20% of any Net Revenues realized from the commercialization of Project Intellectual Property.

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