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Biomedical Innovation Grant-Mayo Collaborative Research Program

Biomedical Innovation Grant: Overview

The UW-Eau Claire-Mayo Clinic partnership for biomedical research and innovation has prioritized funding to support a wide range of projects with the goal of improving the patient experience within the healthcare delivery system.

These projects are not restricted to any specific area of study but are broadly defined to include research and quality improvement projects or collaborative efforts leading to the long-term goal of implementing clinical trials. Decreasing the time from idea incubation to clinical impact is a critical consideration, with the goal of intentionally shortening this time by collaborative efforts between Mayo Clinic and UW-Eau Claire with the full engagement of student researchers.


UW-Eau Claire faculty are encouraged to propose a project up to two years in duration that has the potential to align with a team at Mayo Clinic- Eau Claire. The intent is for each biomedical research project to engage at least one high achieving student who will be separately supported by a Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholarship. Innovation grant funds are available starting in fall 2020 to support a 3-credit course reassignment during the fall or spring term or a $5,000 summer stipend in each of two project years. Projects with reassignment time will receive preference. Additional funds for supplies, services, and research-related travel will typically be limited to $600 per year. Requests exceeding this maximum must be clearly justified in the proposal. Student wages are not eligible expenses; the Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholarship provides a stipend to support each student’s research experience.

Faculty may use project time to conceptualize, plan, design, and execute on new or expanded areas of interest that align with biomedical innovation. Projects can be aligned with drug development, biomarker discovery/laboratory tests, 3-D printing, software or hardware solutions for home monitoring, patient education/training/communication, or any other area of healthcare innovation.

Writing Guide

Submit a proposal to  The proposal should include:

  • Narrative (3-4 pages)
  • Name of Mayo collaborator or Mayo department/division best aligned with project
  • Description of the research project goal(s), context and significance, and plan
  • Timeline
  • Role of the student researcher(s), and plan for mentoring the student(s)
  • Plan for dissemination of results
  • Professional vitae
  • Evidence of Mayo participation in the collaborative project

Please ask your chair to submit an email to ORSP indicating support for the project and, as appropriate, a plan for covering the course reassignment.

Deadline for Application

Funding decisions will be announced in early Spring 2021 to allow for faculty participation in the interviewing and selection of the Mayo Biomedical Innovator Scholarship recipients arriving in Fall 2021.


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