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How you can lead an international immersion

This program is made possible by a Blugold Commitment Grant. The goal of the program is to encourage and support faculty-led international immersion experiences for undergraduate UW-Eau Claire students by providing funds to defray student costs and, thus, increase possibilities and opportunities for participation. Programs may focus on issues, themes or locations with geographical, cultural or historical significance, current events or issues of importance to the people of the places traveled.

Not sure how to get started or what leading students is all about? Check out this short video for folks like you who want to know a bit more before they get involved!

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO to learn the secrets to becoming an Immersion program faculty / staff leader!

Immersion Proposals for 2023-2024 are now being accepted!

The next proposal submission deadline is scheduled for February 8, 2023 to submit your materials to your Department Chair, Program Director, or Supervisor (targeting Winterim 2024 projects and later). The proposal must then arrive to the Immersions Office by February 15, 2023. All proposals will be reviewed several weeks following the deadline. All interested candidates must thoroughly read the updated FLIIE Request for Proposals to understand the program requirements and funding details, complete the Application Narrative document, and submit the application through BP Logix under Academic Affairs.

Assuming funding remains available, the triennial dates to submit a FLIIE proposal are:

  • Proposal Submission Date #1: October 15 (proposal due to your Chair / Program Director / Supervisor by October 8)
  • Proposal Submission Date #2: February 15 (proposal due to your Chair / Program Director / Supervisor by February 8)
  • Proposal Submission Date #3: June 15 (proposal due to your Chair / Program Director / Supervisor by June 8)

Additional documents

Community of Practice Materials


The FLIIE program is open to current UW-Eau Claire faculty and academic staff with 0.50 FTE or greater appointments as well as emeriti UWEC faculty / staff (after they have been retired for at least 75 days). New applicants are highly encouraged but must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the country and culture, and feasibility of the program. Repeat applicants must demonstrate past program achievements, such as evidence of student learning and meeting program goals and learning outcomes, and impact on the UW-Eau Claire community. The receipt of funding one year does not guarantee additional funding in future years.

Interested in Teaching Abroad for a Summer or a Semester?

If you are interested in teaching abroad for longer than the usual 2-4 weeks associated with most FLIIE programs, visit: International Teaching Opportunities for Faculty and Staff. Or contact the Center for International Education at 836-4411 in Schofield 3.

For additional information or questions about leading FLIIE programs, contact Jeff DeGrave at or 836-4471.

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