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With an emphasis on sustainability, UW-Eau Claire's Surplus Store, has a goal to re-purpose surplus property with an emphasis on keeping as much as possible out of the landfills. By providing an opportunity for items to be reused by other departments, by working with local non-profits, and by providing regular public online sales we will meet this ambitious goal.

612,900 pounds of materials diverted from the landfill in fiscal year 2020 through sales, department reclaim and responsible recycling of surplus goods.

Public Sales

Our onsite public UW-Eau Claire Surplus Store is closed. We are listing items on Wisconsin Surplus.

Surplus of Technology

To surplus anything that has a white UW-Eau Claire 7-digit asset tag on it, would be considered technology, audio/video equipment, or electronics, please follow the directions on the LTS Surplus of Technology knowledgebase page.

Surplus Items

To surplus a campus item, complete a Surplus Declaration eForm. Upon receipt, scheduling arrangements will be made to have the property picked up by the Surplus Store Move Crew and delivered to the Central Stores warehouse at no charge.

Reclaim for Departments

Campus departments may view and reclaim surplus property for departmental reuse. To request surplus property a Surplus Reclaim eForm must be completed and then delivery arrangements may need to be made.

Contact Info

Maintenance & Central Stores (MCS) 111
Hours: 8am - 3:30pm
Phone: 715-836-5555