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The management of key hardware for the entire campus is handled by the Key Management department. This includes processing key requests and making sure all keys are turned in and accounted for. The Key Management department is located in the Maintenance and Central Stores (MCS) building. We have free parking on the West side of the building.

Key Request

  • Determine which building(s) and room number(s) you need to access.
  • Fill out the Key Authorization eform listed below.

Keys will be ready for pick up within two working days from receipt of completed Key Authorization eform.

Facilities will notify the key holder when the keys are ready.

Key Authorization eform  

Key Issuance

Due to limited staffing, key pick up schedule: 

  • Facilities (Maintenance and Central Stores, room 103):
    Mondays from 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM; and Thursdays from 1-3 PM

The key holder must present a photo ID to receive keys. A signed Key Policy Addendum is required for all key holders.

All keys must be picked up within 30 days of notification.

Key Policy         Key Policy Addendum

Key Return

Due to limited staffing, key returns are through a key drop-box located at Facilities (Maintenance and Central Stores Building), which is located across from Karlsgaard South Towers Residence Hall.

Drop-box Instructions:

The drop box is a slot in the window to the right of the Carpenter entrance door, which is to right of Facilities main door. There are bright pink signs indicating where this box is.

There are envelopes available for your use. Put your keys in the envelope and write your name on the envelope.

Mailing Instructions:

If you are not returning to UWEC, please return the keys within 7- 10 days in a heavy-duty or padded envelope to:

  • USPS
    • UWEC Keysystem, P.O. Box 4004, Eau Claire WI 54702-4004
  • UPS or FedEx
    • UWEC Keysystem, 651 University Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54701


  • All UW-Eau Claire staff MUST return all building keys to Facilities before discontinuing your employment or transferring from your present position.
  • DO NOT turn your keys over to the person assuming your position, the Department Chair, or any other employee.


  • All UW-Eau Claire students MUST return all keys to Facilities on or before the return date indicated on the Key Authorization form, upon leaving school, or on the completion of any activity that required authorized access to a specific area.
  • DO NOT turn your keys over to anyone else. You will be held responsible for all keys issued to you. Housing RAs are to follow Housing key return procedures. Facilities will fully enforce policies regarding failure to return keys.


  • All non-UW-Eau Claire personnel (e.g., contractors, architects, engineers, temporary instructors, and vendors) MUST return all building keys to Facilities upon completion of project, seminar, etc. or by the return date indicated on the Key Authorization eform.
  • Facilities reserves the right to withhold final payment and/or assess costs associated with re-keying due to non-returned keys.
  • All individuals issued temporary keys must return keys within 30 days of issuance or as indicated on the Key Authorization eform by the Director or Associate Director of Facilities.

Lost Keys

  • In case of lost keys, immediately notify Facilities at 836-4450.
  • Submitting a Lost Key eform is required for all lost keys.
  • A replacement key charge may be assessed.

Lost Key eform

Contact Information

Maintenance & Central Stores (MCS) 103
Hours: 8am - 3:30pm
Sean Sotka: 715-836-4450 or
Free parking in Visitor's lot