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Policy and resources

Title IX's prohibition against sex discrimination is for the protection of students, faculty, and staff in federally funded education programs. The law applies to every aspect of the program, such as admissions, recruitment, academics, employment, athletics, and student services. Title IX's broad prohibition against sex discrimination also includes sexual harassment and sexual assault. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.

Title IX based grievances may be filed with the UW-Eau Claire Affirmative Action Office, the State of Wisconsin Affirmative Action and Civil Rights Compliance Office, or the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.

View UW-Eau Claire's Title IX Policy

Title IX training

Title IX Coordinators, Deputy Coordinators, Hearing Board Members, and Advisors have access to the following training and resources:

UW-Eau Claire’s Sexual Harassment and Title IX Training provided by Vector Solutions which is required every three years. Please contact Teresa O’Halloran to obtain access to the training.

Reporting an Incident

File a report of sexual misconduct

The University urges victims to seek immediate help and to report sexual misconduct. Your confidentiality can be maintained, and the information might prevent other individuals from being victimized.

Where to go for help

Confidential Resources

If you, or someone you know, has been sexually assaulted, you are encouraged to speak with someone about it immediately. The following offices can provide confidential assistance:

Counseling Services
Vicki Lord Larson Hall 2122
(715) 836-5521

Center for Awareness of Sexual Assault (CASA)
Hibbard 311C
(715) 836-4357

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