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Observe the difference your research makes

Not every undergraduate social work program can boast about the quality research experiences their students get to be a part of. Here, all of our students have the opportunity to engage in faculty-student research. You can conduct relevant industry research while working closely with a faculty mentor. This experience allows you to gain extensive knowledge and critical thinking skills while providing valuable information and making a difference in the industry as whole. All it takes is a conversation with our faculty to get started.

Being a part of the social work program has allowed me to investigate my relationship to the world through international research — an opportunity I couldn't have hoped to find elsewhere.

Victoria Social Work

Bridging the gap

The Collegiate Bridge Research Experience targets an underserved and underrepresented population of students in their freshman year and provides them with a high-impact practice that is normally reserved for upperclassmen and high-performing students.

Bridging the gap in research
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