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Committed to career success

One of the goals of our social work program is to instill in our students a commitment of lifelong learning and advancement of the profession. This means all of our graduates are doing what they can every day to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and communities that they work with. The career paths that our students choose can vary widely and extend beyond what you may generally think of in regards to social work. Check out what our alumni are up to and what you can do with your social work degree.

Where UWEC social work grads are today

  • School Social Worker – Jefferson, WI
  • Career Counselor – Eau Claire, WI
  • Clinical Social Worker – Chicago, IL
  • Director of Human Services – Denver, CO
  • Risk Reduction Supervisor – Minneapolis, MN
  • Psychotherapist – Minneapolis, MN
  • Child Protection Supervisor – Green Bay, WI
  • Youth Advocate – Minneapolis, MN
  • Work Readiness Specialist – Eau Claire, WI
  • Veteran Affairs Mental Health Social Worker – St. Paul, MN
  • Aging and Disability Resource Center Executive Director – Eau Claire, WI

Additional social work career options

  • Adoption Specialist
  • Probation Officer
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Substance abuse counselor 
  • Academic Advisor
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Gerontologist
  • Victim Crisis Manager
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