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Social Work Majors and Minors

There is a growing need for social work graduates and our program prepares you well for any of the successful, meaningful career paths open to you with this degree. They include a substance abuse counselor, clinical social worker, school psychologist, marriage and family therapist, behavioral disorder counselor, child and family social worker, school counselor, lawyer, and more.

The social work department offers the following programs:

  1. Child Welfare Program type: Certificate Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus

    Become an effective advocate for children who are victims or survivors of child abuse. Our child welfare certificate is beneficial for those who wish to work in areas such as child protective services, foster care or adoption.

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  2. Gerontology Program type: Minor; Certificate Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus

    Better understand the rewards and challenges associated with aging, and what you can do to make a positive impact on others, with a minor in gerontology.

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  3. Mental Health and Well-Being Program type: Certificate Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus

    Explore the variety of factors that impact mental health and well-being, as well as how professionals can support those with mental health needs.

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  4. Social Work, BSW Program type: Major Delivery: On Campus Campus: Eau Claire Campus
    Social work students

    Make the world a better, brighter place with a degree in social work. Rooted in experiential learning, this program focuses on ways you can be a voice for the voiceless and help to improve society.

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An in-demand degree

The profession of social work is in high demand, and your Blugold degree will help set you up for success no matter what career path you choose. Our undergraduate degree in social work prepares you as a generalist with extensive purposeful experience. A degree in social work will prepare you to promote community well-being while providing you with a great sense of purpose.

Blugolds are constantly learning — in and out of the classroom — about themselves and the world around them. UW-Eau Claire helps you discover what you love to do and what defines you, then gives you the tools and opportunities to find a place in the world to make your mark.

Sophia Thoen Social Work

Learning through experience

The social work department is dedicated to providing students with a great deal of experiential learning. We are committed to incorporating high impact practices into our undergraduate curriculum. Here, there's plenty of opportunity for you to dive in and gain real-world experience, whether it is through non-profit agency visits, study abroad, research or service-learning projects. We know one of the best ways to prepare you for a career in social work includes learning outside of the classroom. 

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