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  • Faculty Recital: French Favorite for Piano Four Hands (Lori Cruciani and Namji Kim, piano)

    March 3rd | 2:00PM

    Student Recital: Voice Area: Music from Women Composers

    March 11th | 5:00PM

    Guest Artist Recital: Chris Kirkpatrick (clarinet)

    March 12th | 7:30PM

    Student Recital: Griffin Loudermilk (trumpet)

    March 13th | 5:00PM

    Student Recital: Ashleigh Madsen (trumpet)

    March 14th | 5:00PM

    Student Recital: Charlie Grady (flute)

    March 14th | 7:30PM

    Student Recital: Heinay Keler (guitar)

    March 28th | 5:00PM