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Giving back to your biggest fans

Community support is huge within the music and theatre arts department. When it’s time for a performance, you can guarantee locals will be lining up at the door to watch. This is why our Blugolds see the importance of giving back to those dedicated and supportive community members. Through multiple outlets, our students go above and beyond to teach, perform for and give back to the Eau Claire community.

University theatre performace

Theatre for young audiences

Our students have a mission to provide quality theatrical experiences that inspire, enrich, entertain and educate young people and families in the Chippewa Valley. Every year our students prepare a new play to perform at local elementary schools. They bring their own stage equipment and costumes to ensure the best experience for the younger students. For more information please contact Dr. Jennifer Chapman.

Opera on Wheels

Opera Workshop Ensemble members get the opportunity to travel to elementary schools throughout Northwest and Western Wisconsin. Not only will you receive training in the art of singing and opera performance, but you'll also create an enriching, high-energy opera experience for the children in attendance. Blugolds have performed for over 35,000 elementary school students, and they're looking forward to performing at your school!

Direct Cabaret

Cabaret is a fun way to get to know your peers and put on a fantastic show - but did you know you could get service learning from it as well? Directing the show allows you to get your service learning hours through creative activity. You can choreograph, design the set and plan the theme for the show.

Here's how to be involved

Whether you're a current Blugold, future Blugold or an active community member — we have information for you. Contact our office if you want to know how to get involved or invite Blugolds to your school to perform. Just fill out the form below and we'll help you out.

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