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Trans at UWEC

Resources for Trans students

We are committed to providing an environment where all students feel welcome, safe, and able to learn. See the information and categories below to find out more about how we work to provide this environment.

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Call the Trans Lifeline peer support hotline:
  U.S. 877.565.8860 / Canada 877.330.6366

       Visit the website

Resources for Transgender students, faculty and staff

Campus Preferred Name Policy

At UW-Eau Claire, students have the option of changing their name to reflect their identity. This process can be initiated by the student as many times as is necessary and affects the following:
Preferred Name Change E-Form

Legally Change Name & Gender

There is a specific process to follow, when changing one’s legal name and/or gender, and it varies by state. The following link provides step-by-step instruction for every state in the country. 
Legally Change Name and/or Gender

Gender Inclusive Housing

Currently, you have a handful of options for gender inclusive housing at UW-Eau Claire:

Rainbow Floors
Karlgaard Tower South

Housing & Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive experience for all LGBTQIA+ students. The Rainbow Floors, located in Karlgaard Tower South, offer LGBTQIA+ students the opportunity to live and learn together. Individuals may select this as one of the Living Community preferences within the housing contract, and if a random roommate is elected, assignments are completed without regard to assigned sex, gender identity or expression, or sexuality.

Due to high demand, we've added a second floor to this community! Students are now able to choose our Trans & Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) floor within the housing selection process. We're here to help, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out at anytime! 

The Rainbow Floors include programming and community building that focus on the diverse array of identities within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. In Karlgaard Towers, each of the ten floors features all gender restrooms, and staff are on hand to ensure your home away from home is as welcoming and supportive as possible. On the Rainbow Floors, all single- and multi-stall restrooms function as accessible, all gender spaces (including restrooms and showers); there is also an accessible private option for those desiring a bit more privacy. 

The Rainbow Floors social spaces are second to none, featuring vibrant, cozy lounge and study options. Additionally, students are surrounded by graphic design elements featuring intersectional, historical queer icons. Did we mention the chalk wall? The student-created hallway graffiti? There's so much to see!

Check out the newly renovated Karlgaard Towers in the video below!

Chancellor’s Hall

This on-campus residence hall (located on upper campus) offers suite-style rooms, and you are able to assemble any combination of residents (of all genders) within those rooms. The majority of students in this residence hall are 3rd year+.

Haymarket Landing

This newly opened off-campus residence hall (located in downtown Eau Claire) offers apartment-style gender inclusive housing.

Aspenson-Mogensen Hall

This newly opened off-campus residence hall (located on Water Street, across from Haas Fine Arts building on lower campus) offers apartment-style gender inclusive housing.

Any and all questions about requesting gender inclusive housing can be answered by Shana German, our Housing and Residence Life office manager. She is happy to receive your calls and can’t wait to meet you!

Shana German
Phone: (715) 836-5387

Health Care

The Student Health Service staff takes part in annual Safe Space Trainings, and engages in regular LGBTQIA+ professional development. They are trained for the unique needs of and welcome transgender students.

Hormone Therapy

Pronoun Buttons

UW-Eau Claire Student Health Service is able to initiate and/or continue maintenance of hormone therapy for students. For more information, please contact the main office: (715) 836-5360.

Healthy Bodies/Safer Sex

A comprehensive guide to safer sex, relationships, and reproductive health for trans or non-binary people and their partners. Healthy Bodies Safer Sex



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