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The people who provide support

Please note: If it is an emergency and you are concerned about the imminent safety of a student, please call UWEC campus police at 715-836-2222 or call 911.

Parents, families, and friends are an integral part of student success. We invite you to be involved in students' lives as you provide valuable support throughout students' journeys at UWEC. We understand that at times, you may wish to consult with a counselor regarding a student at UWEC. If this is the case, we encourage you to call UWEC Counseling Services (715-836-5521) and speak with any available counselor to consult about ways in which you can be supportive to a student. Given that email is not a secure form of communication, we ask that third parties do not share information about a student via email; please call the office to speak with a counselor. 

Counseling Services staff abides by laws of confidentiality. As a result, staff cannot release information without the proper written documentation required.  As such, staff will not be able to confirm/deny that a student is being seen at UWEC Counseling Services, and they will not be able to provide any information about a student without written consent. However, counselors can serve as a consultant to you regarding what you would be able to do if you were concerned about a student. In cases concerning safety, the counselor may encourage you to share information with necessary school personnel and/or emergency personnel to ensure safety of a student. 

Please note: If you share information about a student, the information will be documented. And, if the student is a client of Counseling Services, this information will be shared with the assigned counselor and may be shared with the student.

Please also know that there are other resources on campus. If a student resides on campus, parents may wish to contact the student's Resident Assistant or Resident Hall Director to notify them of concerns. The Dean of Students Office is also available to assist with student needs.  If you consult with a counselor, he/she may direct you to these offices/departments. The Dean of Students Office has a website that lists common student concerns and offices to be contacted. This website can be found here.

What to Expect At Counseling

We recognize that as a student you may experience an array of emotions when thinking about counseling services. We believe it's best if we outline what you can expect so you can feel comfortable making an appointment. 

You can call 715-836-5521 to schedule a first appointment or walk into the Counseling Services office located at Old Library 2122. The first appointment you will schedule is a 1-hour appointment with a counselor. You will be asked to arrive for your first appointment approximately 30 minutes early in order that you can complete necessary paperwork to ensure quality of care. 

At the time of the appointment, you will meet with a counselor. The counselor will likely have a set of questions that is asked of all students and they will inquire about the reasons you are seeking counseling services. Then, you and your counselor will discuss what campus and community resources may be most suitable for assisting you with your goals. If Counseling Services can provide assistance to you, you will be scheduled with an "assigned counselor" who will then be responsible for your future counseling treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My son/daughter started counseling, but he/she does not think the appointments are frequent enough. What can my son/daughter do?
Your son/daughter is encouraged to discuss this concern with his/her counselor as there may be some options to afford the student more frequent and routine care. Counseling Services is based on a short-term treatment model and weekly appointments are not routine. However, counselors welcome and encourage student input regarding his/her care and will be willing to assist student with possible treatment options. 

My son/daughter started counseling, but he/she does not want to continue with the same counselor. What can I tell my son/daughter?
We would like to encourage students to talk to their counselor about their concerns. However, if a student is not comfortable talking to their assigned counselor, then they may call to schedule an appointment with another counselor. The student may be asked to briefly speak with the director to ensure that a better "fit" of counselor/student match is met. 

I have a question about my son/daughter's care and I know he/she is seeing a specific counselor. Can I request to speak to that counselor?
Although Counseling Services staff understands that you may have specific questions for the counselor your son/daughter may be working with, the information cannot be released without proper documentation allowing a counselor to share that information. As a result, we ask that parents not request to speak to a specific counselor unless there is a particular reason to do so. All counselors are trained in the mental health field and would be willing and able to assist you with general concerns and/or questions. We do our very best to return calls in a timely manner. Moreover, requesting to speak with any available counselor enhances the probability that someone will get back to you in timely manner. If you request a particular counselor and that counselor is not available or out of the office, you may have to wait a period of time before that counselor returns your call. 

How can my son/daughter get connected to psychiatry?
Counseling Services does not provide psychiatry services. However, UWEC Health Services does have medical providers who are available for medication consultations. To contact Health Services, a student can call 715-836-5360.
How much does Counseling Services cost?
Counseling Services are of no cost at this time. Sessions for students are free. However, students are charged for sanctioned and court-ordered alcohol assessments and the First Offenders Course.

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