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Before you arrive on campus, we want you to know the ins and outs of our residence halls. Often times, students don't always realize all the amenities they have available to them and have a wide variety of questions to ask before moving away from home. It's important for us that you feel comfortable and at ease even before you walk onto campus and become a Blugold. Below you'll find frequently asked questions and general hall information.

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of furniture is in my room?

All rooms have modular furniture. Each student has his/her own bed, desk, desk chair and chest of drawers. Only University-provided bed loft systems are allowed in residence hall rooms. All furniture must stay in the rooms.

Click here for more info.

How do I arrange furniture in my room?

Beds in the residence halls can be lofted and bunked.  Depending on the hall students live in there may be different styles of bed frames.  There are beds with tall ladder (bed ends) and short ladders.  For the tall ladders, the metal bed frame can be adjusted at multiple heights on the ladder.  For the short ladders, the metal bed frame can be adjusted at multiple heights on the ladder, however, to loft the bed, a second short ladder is needed.  The second short ladder will sit into a set of pins on top of the first short ladder.  A set of clips are provided to secure the ladders in place.  The metal bed frame is then able to be adjusted to a taller height on the stacked, short ladders.

Beds will be lofted when students arrive*.  If a student wants to change the height of the loft or bunk the beds, they can do that at any time.  It takes 2 people and a rubber mallet. You can bring your own mallet or check one out at the front desk.  Any bed parts not being used must stay in the room throughout the school year.

*Beds will not be automatically lofted in Chancellors, Haymarket, or Aspenson Mogensen Halls.

Tutorial Video 

Is MicroChill rental available?

Yes!  UW-EC’s student organization, Residence Hall Association (RHA), provides the opportunity to rent a MicroChill unit through

o   *Note: room assignment is needed to make an order.

Are vacuums provided in the residence halls?

Yes, vacuums can be checked out from the front desk when the front desk is open.  Students will scan a QR code to check out and to return the vacuum.

How does heat and air conditioning work in the residence halls?


The heating system on campus is run by the heating plant on upper campus.  The heating plant provides the steam that is sent out to the buildings and on to the individual rooms.  The heat is only on during the times of the year when there are consistently cool/cold temperatures.  During the fall semester, once there are consistently cool temperatures, the heat will be turned on.  Once the heat is turned on, the heat will be on throughout the rest of the heating season.  In the spring semester, when there are consistently warm temperatures, the heat will be turned off.  There is no specific date for when the heat is turned on or off for the season.  This entirely depends on the weather forecast which will be monitored by our Facilities staff before a decision is made.


Air Conditioning (Chancellors, Suites, and Towers Halls)

The Air Conditioning system on campus is run through the campus chillers.  The chillers provide the cooling that is sent out to the buildings and on to the individual rooms.  The campus chillers are only on during the times of the year when there are consistently warm temperatures.  During the fall semester, once there are consistently cool temperatures, the chillers will be turned off.  Once turned off, there will be no air conditioning provided to the buildings.  In the spring semester, when there are consistently warm temperatures, the chillers will be turned on.  There is no specific date for when the chillers are turned on or off.  This entirely depends on the weather forecast which will be monitored by our Facilities staff before a decision is made. 

Haymarket Landing, Aspenson Mogensen, and The Priory also have air conditioning, but are off campus locations controlled by a different system.

Is there cable TV?

Housing and Residence Life only offers cable TV within certain lounges in buildings, but is not offered in individual rooms.

TV-10 is a student-run television station whose movies and programs can be streamed by UW-EC students.



How to access the Internet in the residence halls?

There is wireless Internet access throughout the Residence Halls. There is also a mobile print station in each residence hall. 

Please refer to the LTS Help Desk for further information about computing and technology services.

Wireless Internet

Connect your wireless device that you'll use across campus (phone, tablet, laptop, watch) to the UWEC network.  You will need your UWEC username and password to connect.  You will use this network all over campus, including the residence halls.

Wired Internet

We strongly encourage everyone to use the campus UWEC wireless network. Residents should use the network named UWEC whenever possible. 

If you still require a physical Ethernet port to be activated in your room, please submit a port request below. Wired connectivity is very limited and please know that device activation will be prioritized for those with academic needs first.  Only one (1) requested one Port Activation for a wired connection is allowed per room.

Since port activations are very limited throughout the Residence Halls, if approved, your request will be completed within 48-72 business hours (Monday-Friday) upon approval.  At the beginning of the semester we are very busy so these requests may take even longer. 

There are currently no port activations available at Priory Hall

Haymarket Landing has most all Ethernet ports already activated in UWEC student rooms, so there is no need to submit a request form.


Port Activation Form


What NOT to bring

Personal printers

We recommend that residents do not bring their own printer. They take up a lot of space, and WiFi printers can interrupt our wireless service. Each of our residence halls have a mobile print station that can be accessed at any time.  If you do bring a printer, please turn off its wireless capacity and use a cord to  physically connect your computer and printer.

Smart/“Internet of Things” (IoT) devices 

Our WiFi network can support many devices including laptops and gaming consoles. Some types of smart/IoT devices designed for home network use will not work, (such as smart lightbulbs, Chromecasts, digital assistants like Alexa and more). Due to the rapidly growing number of devices, Housing and Residence Life does not have a list of specific devices that are not supported on our network.

WiFi router

Residents are not allowed to use a personal router to expand the WiFi network provided in our residence halls. This is a violation of UWEC policy as it reduces the overall quality of WiFi for you and your neighbors.

Are pets allowed in my room?

Small fish and Mollusks are the only pets permitted in residence halls, with a maximum tank capacity of up to ten (10) gallons. The presence of dogs, cats, and other pets is prohibited in all University buildings at all times except as approved through the Services for Students with Disabilities Office and/or the Director of Housing.

What to do if there is a facilities repair issue in the residence halls?

If there is a facilities issue in a student room or apartment, please fill out a work order in your Housing Portal.  Please choose your bedspace and then provide a detailed description of the issue in your room.  Please include your contact information and any requests about the repair.  Your work request will be sent to Housing and then on to the correct location to resolve the issue.

Our staff will come to your room to address the issue.  Unless it is an urgent repair, most repair work will be done between 9am and 3pm.  Our staff will knock and announce themselves when they arrive to the room.  If no answer is received, staff will knock and announce themselves again before entering the room to repair the issue.  Filling out the work order gives our staff permission to enter the area to address the issue.

What is a chem free room?

As you are selecting your preferences in your Housing contract, an option for Towers and Bridgman is a Chem Free Double. This is a regular double room located in a wing/floor community where students of any age are not allowed to have any alcohol/tobacco products or any other forms of substance in their rooms at any time.




Can I pick my roommate?
  • If you already know who you want to request as your roommate or you find someone on the roommate finder/Facebook page, one individual may invite the other individual to a roommate group within the housing contract @ My Housing Portal. The other individual then must accept the invitation to make a mutual roommate group.

  • If you want to search for a roommate among other incoming students, the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Housing + Residence Life is excited to offer a Roommate Finder functionality within your My Housing Portal.
Should I contact my roommate before move in?

o   Yes, you should contact your roommate as soon as possible.  Email and telephone information for your roommate(s) is included with your room assignment information at My Housing Portal.  You should discuss what each of you is planning to bring so you don’t have duplicate items. Social media can present an inadequate picture of a person, so it is a good idea to contact them.

o   Once you receive your assignment via your UWEC email and/or mailer to home address in early June, you should contract your roommate as soon as possible

What if my roommate is an upperclassman?

Don’t worry!  Having an upper class roommate can be very beneficial. They know many of the “ins and outs” of the university and can be very helpful in navigating campus life.

Why is my roommate info blank?
  • For fall term students, this means either you currently do not have an assigned roommate but may get one at any time. Or, you may be assigned with an international student. International students are assigned in July or beginning of August.
  • For new spring semester students, this generally means you currently do not have a roommate but may get one at any time.
  • Please continue to check your roommate information for updates. Read the International Roommate Guide as you prepare. 

General Hall Information

Are residence hall doors locked at night?

UWEC has instituted a security system. Please click on this link for more information – Residence Hall Access.

How does mail work?

Letter Mail

Students in Towers, Haymarket Landing, Aspenson Mogensen, and Priory will receive a mail key and have a mailbox in their hall.  All other halls will go to the Towers Front Desk to pick up any letter mail.  Students may go to the Towers Front Desk at any time and ask the desk worker to check to see if they have received letter mail.


Packages for all halls (except Haymarket, Aspenson Mogensen and Priory) are picked up by the student at Towers Hall. The student will receive an email notification letting them know a package was logged with pick up instructions.

Packages for Haymarket and Aspenson Mogensen will be delivered directly to those locations.  The student will receive an email notification letting them know a package was logged with pick up instructions.

Packages for The Priory will be delivered by housing staff. Priory residents should anticipate up to a 1 business day delay from delivery to Towers to availability for pick up in the hall. Priory residents will receive an email notifying them that a package is ready for pick up at the Priory. 

All students must show a University ID to claim a package. The recipient of the package is the only person who can pick up their package.


Mail and packages should be address per the below address information.

For All On Campus Residence Halls and Priory:

Student Name
Room Number and Residence Hall
642 University Dr
Eau Claire, WI 54701 

For Haymarket Landing: 

Student Name
Room Number Haymarket Landing
220 Eau Claire St
Eau Claire, WI 54701 

For Aspenson Mogensen Hall:

Student Name
Room Number Aspenson Mogensen
222 Water Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701 

Mail Tips

We have 100s of packages delivered daily, especially at the beginning of the semesters.  It will take us time to sort through and log all items that arrived for the day.  If a student gets a notification from the delivery company that their package has been delivered, that does not mean that our staff has logged it yet.  All students will get an email from our staff once the package is logged and in our system.  At that time, the package will be ready for pick up.

Please use the complete address, which includes first and last names, hall and room number, and street address.  Try to avoid nicknames, unless in addition to using the first and last name.

For any perishable items that are delivered, we will contact student as soon as we log the package and ask for them to pick items up. We have limited refrigerator space to accommodate perishable items.  Any perishable items not pick up after a week, will be returned to sender.


Are there quiet places to study in the halls?

Each residence hall has a quiet study area. Quiet hours start at 10:00 p.m. The library is also within walking distance.

How many people share a bathroom?

Most wings have 3-4 showers in each bathroom. About 30-35 residents share these showers. All showers are individual stalls.

How do I do laundry?

Each residence hall has several washers and dryers that are free of charge. You need to bring your own high efficiency detergent.  In most halls, you’ll need to bring your Blugold ID with you to activate the machines.

Is alcohol permitted in the residence halls?

Alcohol is not permitted in the residence halls unless you are 21 years of age or older. Students 21 or older may consume alcoholic beverages in their room. There are several floors that are designated as chemical free where alcohol is not permitted, regardless of age.

Can I hang things on my dorm walls?

Yes, but pictures, pennants, posters and other decorations should be attached to bulletin boards only. The use of tacks, nails, or masking/duct tape on walls, doors, ceilings or floors is prohibited.  Painters tape may be used with care on walls.  Electric lights should be kept away from bulletin boards and other flammable materials such as crepe paper because of the danger of fire. Students are responsible for any damages caused from the removal of tape or other adhesives, such as command strips, they used on the wall.

The original design of walls, ceilings and floors may not be covered. Rugs on the floor are permitted. If bringing carpet, a 12' x 15' piece is recommended. University furniture may not be removed from the room at any time. If a person is injured because of a change or modification made by a student to his or her room or furnishings, the University cannot be held liable

What rules must students follow in the halls?

The Residence Hall Coeducational Judicial Board (or J-Board) has jurisdiction on matters pertaining to violations of existing rules and regulations within or around the residence halls. The J-Board functions not as a court of law, but rather as a body to review alleged violations of University and/or residence hall rules and regulations. 

J-Board Rules

What halls are open during break?

All residence halls remain open to continuing students during break periods such as Fall, Winter, and Spring Break. There is no cost during these breaks, but students do need to register to stay in their housing portal.

How do I get a campus parking permit?

All campus parking is managed by Blugold Central. Watch your email for more information from this office on how to secure a parking pass. 
More information or questions contact Blugold Central at 715-836-3000 or

Parent Questions

When is move-in day?

Information on Move-In Day

College Care Package Catalog: SWAKU

College Care Package Catalog: SWAKU

When is Family Weekend?

Family Weekend is a Housing and Residence Life sponsored weekend that occurs during the middle of fall each year. It is a great time for parents and family members to visit campus and participate in fun programs. More information will be mailed when the time comes.

Housing Events

Where should I park when visiting?

Please visit Parking & Transportation for more information.

Is there a welcome week for new students?

New Fall Term Residents
Yes! Welcome week for new freshmen starts on move-in day and continues through the first day of classes in September. It is comprised of multiple events for students to participate in. This is a great time to meet new people and fully experience college life when first arriving on campus!

For more information click here.

New Spring Term Residents
Watch for spring semester activities occur the first week of class. There are many campus happenings. But also watch for details within your hall.


What factor determines assignment priority?
  • Assignments are run based on housing contract submit date.
  • If you have a mutual roommate group request, then the assignment will be based on the student with the earliest housing contract submit date.
  • Assignment process includes two rounds:
      • Round 1: Students who preference and are selected for an assignment within a Living Learning Community or with an international roommate, will receive assignment completed by Housing in contract submit day order in early June.
      • Round 2: In mid-June, any student remaining without an assignment after round 1 will then be eligible for room self-selection with selection occurring in application submit date order. If student has a preferred roommate, the student may pull in this roommate to the room during selection as long as they have established a mutual roommate group.  
When is assignment information available?

Students and roommates (if applicable) selected for living learning communities or international roommates will be notified via email beginning of June.

Remaining students will then participate in room self-selection occurring in mid-June.

UW System Board of Regents Live On Residency requirements?

Yes. Students live on campus in their first and second years unless exempt. You can read more about the policy here

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