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UWEC prepares its students for a diverse world. The Center for International Education staff looks forward to partnering with you on your quest to become a culturally competent citizen of the world. Please come see us as the first step in your journey. In support of this goal, the Center for International Education (CIE) plays a vital role in providing high quality international programs and international support services to the University community. It supports campus internationalization initiatives and advocates for intercultural competency and lifelong inquiry.

Vision, Values, Mission Strategies

Vision Statement

To send self-aware, culturally competent Blugolds into the world to work towards the betterment of systems and society. 


Inclusion and Belonging

We seek to cultivate in ourselves and others awareness of diverse identities, that we may address historical exclusions and create spaces where all Blugolds feel welcomed and included.  

Innovation and Collaboration

We commit to being a learning organization in community with others- addressing barriers, experimenting with new approaches, learning from past histories and best practices- to create new opportunities to advance equitable and inclusive internationalization.

Integrity and Accountability

We strive to make decisions in line with our values, vision, and mission, to be transparent in decision making, open to feedback, and accountable for our work.

CIE Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (UWEC) prepares its students for a diverse world, provides international learning experiences, and expects its graduates to attain intellectual, personal, cultural, and social competencies.  In support of these goals, the Center for International Education (CIE) plays a vital role in preparing our diverse student body to succeed in high quality programs abroad and as international members of the campus community. We support campus internationalization and EDI initiatives and advocates for intercultural competency and lifelong inquiry.

CIE Strategies

We fulfill our mission through a commitment to:

  • Creating opportunities for UWEC students, faculty and staff to be active citizens of a global society by learning about their own identities while engaging in international and intercultural interactions.
  • Working strategically to identify, address, and remove barriers that may prevent participation and to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, particularly for those historically underrepresented on our campus and in our programs abroad.
  • Offering inclusive and equitable support services to study abroad and international students and international scholars in all phases of their on-campus and international experience.
  • Providing and promoting affordable opportunities for all qualified UWEC students to study abroad, and for qualified international students to study on campus, as part of their academic experience.
  • Providing targeted intercultural programming for the university and the local community.
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