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A major part of being a social work major is understanding how to work with a multicultural society, and being committed to social and economic justice. You can learn a great deal about these things through cultural immersion programs that visit locations throughout the United States. Whether it's over spring break or winterim, take advantage of one of these cultural immersion experiences. You will broaden your local and global view, while creating life-changing memories.

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Pine Ridge Reservation immersion trip--Wounded Knee Memorial

Lessons not found in a classroom

As part of the Domestic Cultural Immersion Grant Program, Heather Moody, assistant professor of American Indian Studies, takes students each summer to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota — and sees profound results.

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About 50 Blugolds explored the diverse regions of Louisiana during spring break as part of an immersion program.

Exploring Cajun country

As a criminal justice major with an interest in diversity, Taylor Gosz knows certain people are marginalized within the criminal justice system. An immersion program in Louisiana gave her an up-close look at some of the conditions she’s only read about.

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