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A place where everyone belongs.

There’s a great deal of openness and welcoming here at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, especially in the College of Business.

Dr. Lenita Davis Associate professor - Management and marketing

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) certificate projects recognize faculty and staff who complete three tiers of professional development and a project focused on EDI. 

Congratulations to the faculty and staff who completed Tier 3 of the EDI professional development program. The following individuals completed 10 or more Tier 2 sessions and a project within their scope of duties to help improve EDI on our campuses:

2022: Dr. Kranti Dugar, Management and Marketing, and Dr. Frances Hawes, Management and Marketing, "Assessment of Global Learning from an Afghan Guest Immersion Experience in Western Wisconsin – an Application of the R1 & AAC&U’s VALUE Rubrics"

2021: Dr. Paula Lentz, Business Communications, and Dr. Brent Opall and Dr. Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen, Management and Marketing  "MBA 701 Modification to Improve Student Learning of Diversity and Inclusion Concepts"

2019: Dr. Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen, Management and Marketing, "EDI: Teaching, Research, and Professional Development"


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