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Giving you the tools to succeed

Academic resources are a Blugold's best friend. The resources offered by the College of Business are top-notch and prepare business students for success. Explore the opportunities that will help you get the best education and experience during your time here.

advising college of business

Advising in the COB

The business academic advisors in the Advising, Retention + Career Center help you create a clear road map of your education, and help you successfully navigate internships, study abroad and much more.

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Bcom studio

A helpful resource

Do you want a second opinion on your big class presentation? Or better yet, someone to help you organize your thoughts so you can just get started? Either way, you should meet the talented tutors in the Business Writing + Presentations Studio.

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Dier Pulatov intern at US Bank

Connections to get you started

Have you ever heard that employers want to hire someone with experience? But how do you get experience if you can’t get a job? Get ahead of the game by landing an internship and gain valuable experience that you can show off on your résumé.

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COB scholarships

Rewarding your hard work

Cash in on your hard work by taking advantage of the numerous scholarship opportunities available to you. In fact, the College of Business gave out over $100,000 in scholarships last year. Want to know more?

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BOBFest outside fall 2017

Get involved

Joining a student organization gives you access to opportunities outside of the classroom. If professional networking events, résumé building activities and hanging with a group of awesome people sounds like fun – you won’t regret joining an org.

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SPDP Networking Event

Gain critical skills

The Student Professional Development Program is a series of non-credit workshops designed to give you the skills you need to present yourself in a professional manner throughout your career.

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2018 CHAASE practicum open house

Centers built for success

Academic centers provide additional resources and learning opportunities to specific areas within the college.

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