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Mission + Vision + Goals

Our mission

The College of Business prepares students for success.

Our Culture Statements

  • We consider students first in everything we do.
  • We provide engaging experiences.
  • We model life-long learning.
  • We nurture and value relationships.
  • We respect the value of diverse perspectives.
  • We care about and support our colleagues. 

Our Vision

To be a leading regional College of Business recognized for our innovative teaching, distinctive academic programs and value-added educational experiences.

Our Code of Conduct 

  • Act ethically and with integrity.      
  • Accept responsibility for your actions.      
  • Respect differences.      
  • Be a team player.      
  • Support others in their academic endeavors.      
  • Model the behavior and attitudes you want from others.      
  • Serve your community.  
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Our Learning Goals
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