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Add honors in physics

The departmental honors program is an excellent way for students to experience another level of innovative research and discovery within the areas of physics. This program allows student to pursue a level of rigor in their studies that will go far in setting them apart in either graduate study dreams or professional employment.

Who is eligible?

Completion of Physics 332
Resident and major GPA of 3.5

How do I get in?

Applicants should submit a written application for the Departmental Honors in Physics for approval by their academic advisor, project advisor and the department chair.

Program requirements

Complete all required courses for one of three areas of emphasis for Liberal Arts degree in physics.
Complete two additional upper level physics courses, selected from:

  • Astrophysics
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Advanced lab techniques
  • Thermal physics
  • Quantum physics
  • Mathematical methods in physics

Complete significant scholarly activity culminating a research paper and presentation at one of several on and off-campus events, such as the Provost’s Honors Symposium.

Riedl Physics Thesis

Honors Senior Completes His Thesis

As the final requirement for honors graduation in physics and astronomy, senior Austin Riedl has presented his honors thesis research at CERCA.

What's LED all about?

Don’t stop with department honors

In addition to the honors at the department level in physics and astronomy, please check out the award winning University Honors Program, directed by Dr. Jeff Vahlbusch. With its own set of admission and graduation requirements, the University Honors Program offers a unique academic experience, small classes, specialized courses faculty elect to teach, access to additional research and presentation opportunities and multiple student organizations to help create a community of learners.

Check out the University Honors Program

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