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How to be more sustainable at UWEC

At UW-Eau Claire and UWEC-Barron County, sustainability is central to the Blugold experience. Use this page to explore internships, service-learning opportunities, clubs and commissions, and resources designed for students. One unique opportunity we offer is free LEED Green Associate training workshops and credentialing — this process allows you to build your resume by proving your sustainability knowledge — all free to you.

Student Organizations & Service Learning 

Student Office of Sustainability 

The Student Office of Sustainability provides students the opportunity to be campus leaders in sustainability initiatives. With a $130,000 budget, student voting members, directors and coordinators have the opportunity to implement major projects on campus. Learn more about SOS.

UW-Eau Claire-Barron County Sustainability Committee

Barron County Sustainability Committee is currently looking for members!

Sustainability related clubs 

  • Conservation club
  • Geography and Anthropology Club
  • Geology Club
  • Biology Club      
  • Women and Gender Minorities in STEM

Tree Campus USA Service Learning

This 30-hour service-learning project will support UW-Eau Claire’s continued enrollment with Tree Campus USA. Students will update the species map, take breast high tree diameter measurement for the campus tree species map and estimate carbon offsets produced by the trees. Students will also learn basic tree species identification.

Please review this position description and contact Daria Hutchinson for more details.

Location: Eau Claire Campus

What else can I do?

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Regardless of the classes you take and the organizations you join, you can always be committed to sustainability in your everyday life! Here are some general tips to keep in mind and slowly limit your impact on the environment.

Reuse and recycle

  • Whenever possible, use a reusable water bottle, coffee cup or utensils.
  • Ask for paper bags instead of plastic bags when shopping or bring a reusable bag. 
  • Be sure to recycle newspapers, aluminum cans, paper, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles, jars and cardboard.
  • Some things that do not belong in the recycling bin include Styrofoam, chip bags, plastic bags, paper towels or napkins, juice or milk cartons and lightbulbs.

Spending habits

  • Buy locally, if possible, instead of purchasing something further away.
  • Buy second-hand! This can include clothing, furniture and decor.
  • Embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Only buy things when you really need them.

Electricity use

  • Use alternatives for heating and A/C. Try opening a window or adding layers before activating a heating or A/C system.
  • Change your lightbulbs to LED. LED bulbs typically use 75% less energy.
  • Use power strips instead of plugging all appliances into outlets. When you are finished using the appliance, turn off the power strip to save energy and money.

Food consumption 

  • Buy locally sourced food from the farmer's market. Not only are you supporting the community, but small business owners as well.
  • Try composting food waste.
  • Instead of throwing out food, save it for lunch/dinner or freeze it.


  • Walk or ride your bike to destinations instead of driving a car.
  • Use public transportation through Eau Claire Transit. 
  • Carpool with friends and utilize the UW Eau Claire Rideshare page on Facebook.