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Mailing Address

[Student's Name]
[Room Number] Bridgman Hall
610 Hilltop Circle
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Hall Information

  • Front Desk Phone: 855.4910
  • 158 Women 101 Men
  • 8 Resident Assistants to serve resident needs
  • HD cable TVUWEC wireless Internet and wired Ethernet ports for Internet access. 
  • PC/Macintosh computer lab with Internet access
  • Enclosed TV lounge with large screen television and comfortable seating
  • Study areas and student lounge areas
  • Designated substance-free living areas
  • Fully furnished student kitchen with microwave
    and other appliances
  • Reception desk food sales
  • Fitness area
  • Recreation area with ping pong table

Check out the About the Halls page which has details on facilities, services, hall policies and other common information to the Residence Halls.

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