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Housing Proposed Rates 2022-23*

Cost of living at UWEC

We understand that knowing the cost of each residence hall is important in making an educated decision about where to live. Below you'll find tables of different pricing for halls on campus. Whether you're an incoming first-year or transfer student, you'll find what you need.

* Rates pending UW Board of Regents approval.

Estimated First Year Housing Rates

First-year students have two building style options (standard vs. renovated, new residence hall) within on campus residence halls. Below you’ll find the estimated yearly cost of each option which are based on 9-month (academic year) contracts which run from September-May.

Meal plans are required for all first year students.

  Per Academic Year, Per Person
Residence Hall Double Room $4,950
Towers Renovated Double Room $5,400

Estimated Transfer/Returning Housing Rates

Transfer/returning students have the option to live in any of the on-campus residence halls, or a near campus University sponsored residence hall. Pricing and contact duration vary by hall, see below for full details.

On Campus Options

Rates are based on 9-month (academic year) contracts which run from September-May.

  Per Academic Year, Per Person
*Residence Hall Single Room $5,600
*Residence Hall Double Room $4,950
*Towers Renovated Double Room $5,400
*Towers Renovated Single Room $5,900
*The Suites Quad Single $5,900
*The Suites Double Double $5,600
Chancellors Hall Apartment $6,750
Priory Singles $5,900

All utilities included: gas/electric, cable, internet, garbage, water, sewer.
Towers, New Suite Style Hall, Priory and Chancellors offer air conditioning.
Limited Towers Renovated Singles available.

Note: *Meal plans are required for these housing options

Near Campus University Sponsored Housing Options

There are two near campus University Sponsored Housing options for transfer or returning UWEC students. Aspenson Mogensen offers a 12 month contract for 2020-2021 (June-May) and Haymarket Landing offers a 9 month contract (September-May). Subleasing and month to month contract are not allowed in any University Sponsored Housing. Meal plans are optional for residents in these apartment style communities. Availability is based on inventory and no guarantee of placement.

Residence Hall Contact Duration Total Contract Cost Per Person Number of Units
Aspenson Mogensen      
      - 1 bedroom single 12 month $9,570 6
      - 2 bedroom single 12 month $8,450 56
      - 3 bedroom single 12 month $8,450 9
      - 4 bedroom single 12 month $8,450 12
Haymarket Landing      
       -  studio 9 month $8,400 6
       - 1 bedroom single 9 month $9,330 5
       - 1 bedroom double den 9 month $6,720 3
       - 2 bedroom single 9 month $7,030 20
       - 2 bedroom double 9 month $5,670 23
       - 4 bedroom single 9 month $6,620 35


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