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I know my major and career, now what...

Congratulations on choosing a major and a career goal! While these are big milestones you should be proud of, you aren't done yet.

Your first step is to declare the major you've chosen. It's easy to do, follow the instructions for your major using the link above.  

Next, you'll want to test drive your chosen career to make sure it is the optimal choice for you and begin building your resume. Schedule a visit with your new, major adviser and or a career counselor and ask which of these options you should start out with:

You should also begin developing a network of professional contacts. These will help you learn more about the career field and may help you find an internship or job. It's easier than you think and you can start right here on campus:

  • Join a student organization related to your major or career field - these organizations will often discuss issues relevant to the field as well as invite professionals to club meetings
  • Join a professional organization - even though you're a student, you may join a professional organization, often at a greatly reduced rate.
  • LinkedIn profile - the professional version of Facebook
  • Your faculty advisor most likely has contacts in the industry they can share with you.
  • Blugold Career Network is a database of alumni and friends of UW-Eau Claire.  Search the database for people who are working in your career/industry.  In addition to reading about how they got to this point in their career, you can contact them to set up an informational interview or job shadow.