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GPA Calculator: Raise Your GPA

This calculator can be used, for example, to see what grades you need to obtain good academic standing or to achieve the overall GPA needed for entrance into an academic program or even for graduate school. NOTE: This calculator should be used only as a general guide.

STEP I: Obtain an advising copy of your transcript through MyBlugold CampS.

  1. Choose "Self Service" and then "Student Center"
  2. Choose "Degree Audit" from the "other academic..." menu
  3. Choose the "Regular Degree Audit" button. An unofficial transcript will be sent to your email account within seconds.

STEP II: Fill in the information requested.

  1. The number of grade points you have accumulated to date is found at the end of your transcript.
  2. The number of grade points you received for any course(s) you are repeating can be found on your transcript next to the grade you received for the course. If you want to repeat more than one course, you will need to add the grade points.

HINT: If you start by entering credits for one semester and the resulting GPA is above a 4.0, go back and fill in two semesters worth of credits.

Enter number of attempted credits
Enter grade points to date
This is the GPA you will need for the number of credits you have specified

If you have questions or need help, please contact your adviser or the Academic Advising office!