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POLICY: Students may withdraw from a full semester course with a grade of "W" from the third through the tenth week of classes. (Information on dropping classes with no record of enrollment during the first two weeks).

Deadlines for full semester classes are listed in the current Class Schedule Bulletin. Courses that meet for fewer than 16 weeks have proportional deadlines.


  1. A student must obtain a "Change of Registration form" in the Registrar's Office.  Withdrawals are not done online.
  2. The student must discuss the withdrawal with both an adviser and the course instructor, and obtain the signatures of both.
  3. The student then returns the change of registration form to the Registrar's Office by the deadline.


  • For purposes of the repeat policy a withdrawal constitutes having taken the course. If it is the first time a student is enrolled, s/he can only repeat it once more. If the student is repeating the course and withdraws, s/he cannot take it again without obtaining permission from his/her Dean's Office. 
  • Dropping below full time (12 credits for a regular semester) can cause problems in the following areas:
    • Athletic eligibility
    • Health insurance (if the student is covered under his/her parent's health insurance, full time enrollment is sometimes required)
    • Veterans benefits and financial aid
    • Eligibility for the Dean's list
  • Withdrawals after the deadline (generally given for extenuating circumstances) need permission from a Dean in the College in which the student is enrolled. The student usually begins with the Dean of Students Office, Schofield 240.