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POLICY: For reasons acceptable to the instructor of a course, a grade of incomplete ("IN") may be given to a student who is unable to complete the course work by the end of the semester.


  1. It is ordinarily the responsibility of the student to obtain a "Request for Incomplete Form" from the Registrar's Office and submit it to the instructor prior to the filing of semester grades.
  2. An instructor can initiate an incomplete on a student's behalf, but it is best to try to contact the student (see consequences of incompletes below).
  3. The instructor receives an email from the registrar indicating that the incomplete has been filed.
  4. The deadline for the instructor to report the removal of the incomplete is the end of the tenth week of classes of the first regular semester following the granting of the incomplete. An instructor can authorize an extension into the next semester.
  5. If the incomplete is not removed by the deadline, the "default grade" listed on the incomplete form will be recorded as the permanent grade.



  • When the grade is recorded it will replace the "In" on the transcript.  A note will indicate the date the incomplete is removed.  The semester G.P.A. will be recalculated, but academic standing remains the same.
  • An incomplete disqualifies a student from the Provost's Academic Distinction List and the College's Dean's list.