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"An incomplete may be granted when, for reasons acceptable to the instructor, a student has had been unable to complete a portion of a course in the normal time period."

It is the student's responsibility to initiate a request for an "IN" grade with instructor.  If the request is approved, the instructor will submit  an "IN" grade via CampS.  After the final grading deadline, a computer-generated form will be mailed to instructors for any incomplete grade assigned.  The form/S can serve as a reminder of outstanding incompletes.

On the form, the instructor will indicate the conditions for the removal of the incomplete, including the date for submitting all work due and a default grade to be recorded as the permanent grade for the course in case the incomplete is not removed.  If a default grade is not submitted by the faculty member the default grade will be an F.  The form(s) can serve as a reminder of outstanding incompletes.

Removal of incompletes
The deadline for an instructor to report the removal of an incomplete for an undergraduate is the end of the 10th week of classes of the first regular semester following the granting of the incomplete, regardless of whether the student is enrolled in the university at the time.  If the instructor does not submit a grade by that deadline, the default grade submitted on the incomplete form will become permanent.  An extension until the 10th week of the following semester may be granted.  If the incomplete is not removed by this time, the default grade will be permanent.

Note: A student's transcript will show the mark of "IN" until the final grade is posted with an Incomplete Removed date noted.


  • The semester G.P.A. will be recalculated, but academic standing remains the same.
  • An incomplete disqualifies a student from the Provost's Academic Distinction List and the College's Dean's list.